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  1. lovepicasso

    Happy hatch day

    My boy Picasso turns two today, and he happens to be really shedding!.....I am so very happy he has such a strong will!
  2. lovepicasso

    Picasso in his new tree

    Got Picasso a new tree for his free range and he is checking it out!
  3. lovepicasso

    My new Leopard Gecko

    Adopted this boy a couple of weeks ago and he is doing Ernie!
  4. lovepicasso

    Picasso paints some originals.

    Picasso wanted to give out some gifts to his best friends, so he painted a few Picasso originals. Have to try this again, having trouble with photo host.
  5. lovepicasso

    Picasso's mom is back on the boards.

    Hi everyone, I have really missed not posting in a long time, I have managed to read a few post every now and then but not much.......things have just been very hectic and days have been so full I just haven't had much down time, I do hope now that things can get back to normal and I can become...
  6. lovepicasso

    Humidity in the free range

    If everything you hear and read about cham care calls for moderate to high humidity, why is my veiled thriving in a range of 30%, this is what it usually is in the house most of the time, he does free range the entire house and it is hard to keep it much higher than that with the a/c running all...
  7. lovepicasso

    Picasso sitting pretty.

    Looked for Picasso today and found him just sitting there looking around.
  8. lovepicasso

    What is this vibration I feel from him?

    My computer has crashed and now I have to use this pad... .but sometimes when I pick my boy up, he will make some sort of vibration, does anyone know what this is?
  9. lovepicasso

    Happy Birthday Aspen

    A Happy 9th Birthday to our "little boy" Aspen......I love this boy sooooo much!
  10. lovepicasso

    Up date on husband Steve....still need prayers.

    Tomorrow Steve goes in for his first Medial Branch Nerve Block and if that works he will go again in 2 weeks for that again and if it works again he will have the Radiofrequency Procedure.....tomorrow they will put a syringe full of numbing agent into each of 6 Facet Joints in his spine.....need...
  11. lovepicasso

    Picasso sees the World!

    Picasso wanted to see the we showed it to him!
  12. lovepicasso

    We are infested with copperhead!

    Although we live in a gated community, 26,000 acres, we are located in the Ouachita Mountains and that means a lot of forest and woodlands and our house is surrounded by woods, creeks and hollows......well Steve killed two copperheads in our front yard last night and tonight killed three and a...
  13. lovepicasso

    Could this be bruising on my boys head?

    Yesterday while out of the house we put up a road block sort of, to keep Picasso in the sun room while we were gone...when we came home, he was stuck between the road block and the door facing, could this have caused a bruise like this and if so, what can I do for him....I feel terrible about...
  14. lovepicasso

    Getting a male Jackson's in one month!

    Went to the pet store today to get some crickets for Picasso and looked at these two Jackson's they have, well the female had babies last week and I'm sure the breeder they got her from didn't know she was pregnant, any way...she had 8 babies and they are keeping them together in an enclosure...
  15. lovepicasso

    Thank you for the update.

    Saw the pain specialist today and looks like his L5 to S1 are all ruptured...he will start on some new meds, Fentanyl patches and Nucynta 75 mg tablets 75 mg one month he will go in for a Radiofrequency procedure that will burn the nerve endings and then we will go from...
  16. lovepicasso

    Asking prayers for my husband.

    Steve lives in more pain than most people can imagine, he had a career in pro football and with that has had many surgeries, cancer 3 times and beat it every time and because of all of this he is now immune to most all pain meds and the ones he is not immune to, he is allergic to......he now...
  17. lovepicasso

    Growth rate?

    It has been 8 months that we have had Picasso and he just turned one the other day, he seems to have doubled in size in just the past 2 months, a very vigorous and fast growth progression it seems to long in years do they continue to grow?....this boy is getting really big!
  18. lovepicasso

    Picasso turns one today!

    Didn't know if my boy would see one year after his tongue trauma on Christmas day, but he has and today, happy hatch-day, I do so love this boy! HAPPY HATCH-DAY PICASSO!!
  19. lovepicasso

    Rocky Raccoon

    This is Rocky Raccoon resting in his favorite tree after a big meal of cat food.....we feed 6 of them every night on our bedroom deck....Rocky is the father of 5 young coons that come up also...we have been feeding him for 3 years.
  20. lovepicasso

    Can you gut load superworms?

    It is beginning to be the only food Picasso will eat now, and having to hand feed he will just turn away when offered, can you gut load superworms?
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