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  1. Caleb.203

    Off topic but, other reptile options?

    I know this is off topic but, my chameleon passed away today and I want to get a new reptile eventually, I just don't know what kind. I have a 36x18x18 mesh cage and would like to know if anyone knows any other reptiles that can be kept in this cage. I'm not listing my lamps, bulbs, etc. because...
  2. Caleb.203

    Chameleon Prolapse?

    This is my almost 2 year old Cham. He stopped eating daily around a week into December and has part of his anus out, and what looks to be feces. I'm not sure if this is a prolapse of if he is constipated and needs a warm bath or something to get it out. Feel free to ask for any other information...
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