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  1. ThePantherBaron

    Stunning blue bar Ambilobes *holdbacks*

    These are the exact chameleons for sale pictured. This was a Dionysus x Aphrodite pairing with a date of hatch of 4-15-15. Making these holdback males approximately 4.5 months old at time of sale. First up is a picture of the sire Dionysus HOLD BACK Ambilobe male #1 $250 HOLD BACK Ambilobe...
  2. ThePantherBaron

    *Breeders Choice* HB Ambilobe Male #3 Sire:Dionysus

    *FOR SALE* Male ambilobe panther Sire: Dionysus/Aphrodite DOH: 4-15-15 $250 shipped! Pictured below is male#3. Exact male shown for sale. He comes from our breath taking Dionysus. Dionysus fires up so fast with an almost complete yellow body and exquisite red dots in his barring. This male...
  3. ThePantherBaron

    *Breeders Choice* HB Ambilobe Male #4 Sire:Dionysus

    *FOR SALE* Male ambilobe panther chameleon Sire: Dionysus/Aphrodite DOH: 4-15-15 $250 shipped! Pictured below is male#4. Exact male shown for sale. We're absolutely in love with this male from our fiery Dionysus. He is very different then the rest of his clutchmates by displaying beautiful...
  4. ThePantherBaron

    Ambilobe Males from Zues, Loki, Dionysus and Thor

    Please follow our Facebook at for the exact males show. Attached are a few of the sires we have males and females from and will be updating Facebook every other day with more!!!! Sincerely, The Panther Baron
  5. ThePantherBaron

    Male and Female Ambilobe Available Sire: Dionysus

    Attached are the photos of the sire Dionysus. As well as some photos of what the males are looking like. Contact us at 6783928195 or [email protected] for individual pictures of males and females. They range from 16 to 18 weeks old.
  6. ThePantherBaron

    Holdback male #1 4 to 4.5 month the old male Red bar Ambilobe

    Picture is of the actual hold back male for sale. He is priced at $200 plus $65 for shipping. Sire is Zeus. Pictured is Zeus and one of the older brothers at 8 to 9 months of age. These males are turning out huge just like their Sire. Full of color and amazing fire ups. Text 6783928195 for...
  7. ThePantherBaron

    4.5 month Hold Back#2 Ambilobe Sire: Zeus

    We have a couple of holdbacks 4.5 to 5 months of age male and female Ambilobes for sale. Attached is a photo of the sire Zeus as well as the actual male for sale. He is priced at $225 plus shipping. If interested please contact us at 678-392-8195 or [email protected] And please check out...
  8. ThePantherBaron

    Amazing 5 month old CB Ambilobe Females *Awesome Lineage*

    Amazing 5 month old CBB Ambilobe Females *Awesome Lineage* We have 10 to 11 gorgeous females from our sire Zeus. They would make a beautiful pet or an awesome addition to your next breeding project. Contact us at [email protected] or 6783928195 for full lineage information with photos...
  9. ThePantherBaron

    First Ambilobe panther born at the Panther Baron

    Introducing my first hatched ambilobe chameleon. This has really been 2 years in the making. I'm up to currently 22 panther chameleons and 4 different locales. I have 2 rooms dedicated to this. First room has most my breeders. Second room is my hatchling room where I'm raising them in...
  10. ThePantherBaron

    New Panther. Need help with tail :(

    Just picked up a new 6 to 8 week old blue bar ambilobe from Repticon. When i left the show and put him in his cage I noticed his tail was like this. Is that rot and cut off circulation from a bad shed. Thanks for the input
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