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    Hornworm too big??

    I have a 5 month old female veiled, she is still relatively small (see attached picture) and I have hornworms for her that have gotten pretty large. This one (see picture) is over 3 inches long. I’m scared to feed her a worm this large, will it bite her?
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    Cham ate piece of a paper towel

    I have a 4 month old veiled female cham that just ate a piece of paper towel.. there was a cricket at the bottom and when she went to eat it the paper towel that I line the bottom of her cage with got stuck too. I tried to pull it out of her mouth but it broke off and she ate a piece of it.. has...
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    Female not going in lay bin question

    So I took tito (female veiled) to the vet to get her 2nd round of baytril (she has a respiratory infection), the vet said she looked a more bloated than when she saw her last week. The vet said she might have eggs, and that would make sense, as she’s been hanging around the bottom of her cage...
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    Biopolar cham

    So I had to take tito (4 month old veiled female) to the vet last weekend, before this she never let me touch her and would try to bite and hiss but I had to get her out to take her to the vet. After getting her out she was SO sweet all weekend and would let me get her out and would just crawl...
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    Veiled eating a lot of money tree leaves

    In my veiled’s enclosure, I have a golden pathos and just bought her a money tree yesterday. She never ate the Pothos plant but she has eaten like 3 whole leaves off the money tree in 2 days.. is this normal and safe for her? The money tree is on the list of chameleon safe plants but just making...
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    Female question

    I have a female veiled cham that’s about 3 months old, I have read to reduce feeding and basking temperatures in females to reduce clutch size/egg production in general. At what age should I start doing these things and to what extent? Right now she gets about 12 small feeder crickets and 1 wax...
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    Male or female?

    I thought that Tito was a male but now I’m not too sure... any opinions?
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    I am currently misting my cham and his enclosure about 4-5 times a day. Once in the morning before his lights turn on, once at about 11am, once at about 2pm, once at 7pm, then once his lights turn off at night at 9pm. I read that you shouldn’t mist during the day while his enclosure is hot...
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    Updated cage: is this enough now?

    Tito update: after reading a few more articles I went and bought him a golden pathos plant, another artificial silk plant, and more vines. For his substrate I put down the substrate I was using for him before to keep humidity in but placed paper towels over it so he can not consume the substrate...
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    What else do I need for his enclosure

    I am heading to the pet store now to get more things for Tito’s enclose. Preface: I am already planning on getting a little Dripper and removing his substrate when I get back for him to just have a bare ground in his cage. He has 2 thermometers (one for the bottom and one for the top of his...
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    What substrate if any should I put in my veiled chameleon cage? I’m taking out his current substrate and not sure if I should replace it with anything or just leave the tank bare at the bottom?
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    New Cham owner!! Advice on how to help him stop hissing/biting

    I’ve had tito for 3 days now. He is a veiled and around 4 months old. He is not a fan of me at all so far. I have very minimally tried to interact with him thus far so he can get used to his new surroundings. The only time that I have is putting a cricket in front of him with tongs. While I...
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