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  1. edub2017

    all grown up

    My guy has grown alot since i first joined this forum in May, got some nice colors too. Just thought I'd share the pics. 05/15/06 10/11/06
  2. edub2017


    A few weeks ago i thought of a crafty way to increase the nutiritonal content of a few feeders, here's what i did. I bought some organic apple/sweetpotato sauce (ingredients: organic apples, orgainc sweetpoatatoes, water) mixed in a little bit of gutload and calcium powder. I then dipped about...
  3. edub2017


    I noticed you have a couple of pygmies, and I think I could use your help setting up my new vivarium. First off, how many do you currently own and which size aquarium do you use? Did you build according to the plans on the chameleon news website? Namely, did you use the three-layered substrate...
  4. edub2017


    Has anyone ever heard of Twisters? From what I understand they are the larva form of the blowfly. I was sifting through a reptile magazine and noticed an advertisment, which brought me to this link: InsectsUSA. Both the website and magazine ad fail to provide much information on care or...
  5. edub2017

    Selling Florescent Hood & Bulb

    Normally, I would sell this stuff on ebay, but figured i would find my target audience here. I am a reputable seller on ebay and invite you to view my 100% feedback. That said, I have a 23" hood with a 15" exoterra 5.0 bulb. If you have seen my new free roam setup, it is obvious i no longer...
  6. edub2017

    My Free Roam Setup

    I decided to scrap the ideas for building a new cage, and went instead with a free roaming setup. Here are the pictures. Here is a view of the entire enviornment. If you look closely at the tree on the left you can see a green feeder cup in the foliage. Another Angle. Thats a humidifier...
  7. edub2017

    New Member to the forum

    Hello all. I have posted here once before but failed to introduce myself, or more importantly my chameleon. My name is Eric, I am a twenty-one year old college student from Tampa. I have kept reptiles my entire life, initially iguanas and geckos. I have always been fascinated by chameleons, but...
  8. edub2017


    we have a plethra of love bugs swarming the bay area, can i let my veiled do a little pest control?
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