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  1. jasonc488

    Panther Colours

    I'm in need of some answers. Male Panther chameleons brighten up alot when they see a female panther, with a little head bobbing, etc. Their colour also brightens when they see another male, this time with an aggressive stance. Also when they sleep, their colour is much lighter and brighter...
  2. jasonc488

    Female Panther chameleon, Advise needed

    Hi, I have a Female Panther Chameleon and I'm not sure if she is ill or not. She is very hand tamed and loves being with me. She is only 4-5 months old. She is housed in an Exo-Terra 24"w x 24"h x 18"d. Temp being 25c on the cool end and 30c at the other end. She eats very well, and is also...
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