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    Leachianus Gecko Available

    6 months old, 400$ firm. Beautiful gecko, unsexed email me for pictures/inquire [email protected]
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    Juvie black throat monitor and set up

    Juvenile black throat monitor + 60 gal cage, UVB lighting, heat sources, cage accessories (bedding, water bowl, thermometers, wooden hide, etc...) all for 100 He is held daily so he has had a good start taming He needs a new home asap Feel free to call or email anytime 818 390 3771...
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    cheep Burton Snowboards + gear

    2 sets brand new boots still in box (size 10) 2 hardly used snowboards 2 hardly used sets of bindings pair of used boots spy goggles its all cheep, hit me up if anyones interested 818-390-3771
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    3 month female pit, 9 month male pit need new homes
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    3 month female pit, 9 month male pit need new homes

    both are great dogs they are non-aggresive, good with other dogs, well trained, good on or off leash Petey (the male) grew up in a reptile shop, he is very freindly, loves attention, and is crate trained Gia (the female) is still young yet already potty trained, knows sit and stay...
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    GTP not defecating

    Her vent didn't seem any different then usual last night. The weird thing is that everyone on the other forum was saying they usually will defficate when shedding, but she didn't. Ive been handling her every other day to promote activity, hopefully she will soon.
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    GTP not defecating

    Thanks for posting it on the other forum, ill check again tonight for any replies. Her last defecation was 14 days after the previous one, which would be 4 mice. Since then she is still on the same diet of 2 mice ever 7-9 days...i held off feeding for 12 days, but the vet that I work at said...
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    GTP not defecating

    Hey, I have a 4 year old female sorong green tree python who hasnt defecated in a little over a month. She deffinetely is not dehydrated...just had a full shed, drinks from water bowl, regular misting, and there is usually 70-99% humidity during the day. She is still eating normally, and her...
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    Rats Vs. Mice?

    thanks, im not really worried about her not eating for a few weeks i just wanted to know the real differences between the two before i switch her diet. And i tried at around 11 30 pm...after the lights were out for 2 1/2 hours. My friend has an african grey that i can borrow some feathers...
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    Rats Vs. Mice?

    Thanks for the input, right now she is full grown so the larger rats wouldn't really make a difference because she couldnt eat bigger than a small rat (same size as adult mouse) Im in the process of switching to thawed rodents but she won't even eat knocked out ones so far but yea its weird...
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    Rats Vs. Mice?

    hey my adult gtp is being picky lately and i was wondering if there are any real differences between rats and mice. She was raised on mice but someone told me to switch to rats, yet one of the rats "fought back" and bit her a few times...since then she won't them anymore (yea i tried live...
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    When you take your chameleon out...

    How many people have asked you if its an iguana? lol :rolleyes:
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    Chinese Water Dragon care MBD

    Hey i hope everything is going well with your dragon, this doesn't have to do with the mbd, but a screan cage doesn't normally keep the high humidity that is needed for them good luck on his treatment
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    Help find a pet!

    i second the ferrets :] they get just as attatched to you as dogs, and can live in a smaller environment plus come on there adorable
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    chinese water dragon

    You don't have to feed him twice a day, there good with just one meal he probably isn't hungry by the second feeding
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    Bearded Dragon not eating?

    Good luck, if she refuses that try to force feed some lettice, it uses to much effort to spit it back out so they usually keep it down
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    chinese water dragon

    The picture isn't showing up
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    Bearded Dragon not eating?

    haha nice...there such weird funny guys have you tried feedin her again yet?
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    New Green Tree Python...any thoughts?

    Thanks for getting back so fast... she was farmed (he said in the US)...which i don't understant and has been at switzer reptiles for 4 months since then she was on a once a week feeding but since she is a mature female i think im going to switch to every 9-10 days
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    chinese water dragon

    How old is he, and how often do you feed him? My 1 year old eats every other day almost right away...he will only eat crickets and superworms, but he doesn't seem to prefer one over the other. They really don't need to eat as much as other lizards because there matabolism is slower if you have...
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