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  1. maxttu

    Cham memes!

    Let's see whatcha got!
  2. maxttu

    No name Tamatave

    Here is another Tamatave in the breeding program. He is currently nameless. ;)
  3. maxttu


    Tamatave that's a part of the breeding program. His name is Leatherface.
  4. maxttu

    Lone Wolf

    Hey, y'all! Been a long time since I've pounded the forums! Here's one of my males that was produced from my Walker and Biffle's Grimbold female. His name is Lone Wolf and he's one mean SOB!
  5. maxttu


    Here's a 5 month old holdback from a Walker x Ermac pairing. He is already bobbing at the ladies. Very chill guy and eats like a king! $300 shipped from Houston, Tx. via SYR.
  6. maxttu

    Egg tray success!

    100% success rate with using these egg trays. I had 4 in one tray and 8 in another tray. These eggs were a month younger than the eggs that I had in vermiculite, but all of them hatched out before the 1st vermiculite egg. These eggs were half the size of the vermiculite eggs. Trays...
  7. maxttu

    Happy birfday, Biffle!

    Hope you have a great day, Jason (Biffle)!
  8. maxttu

    Suspended baby enclosure...

    Walker JR is loving his new cage. This thing is perfect for up to a handful of babies. You can see him towards the top if you look closely. ;) $5 at Michael's and Hobby Lobby.
  9. maxttu


    Is about to be a daddy! Member Biffle has a few eggs from the Walker (Texas Ranger's Ranger line) x Winnie (Screameleons SoKool line) clutch and his eggs are pipping 1st! Hopefully mine will follow shortly! Eggs: Walker: SoKool (pics property of Screameleons): Keep your eyes...
  10. maxttu

    Walker the ambanja...

    Just some comparison pics from younger to current. Young: Current:
  11. maxttu

    Survival rates of wild babies...

    I have a series of questions. Please pardon my ignorance... 1. What is the survival rate of wild babies? Rough percentage is ok. 2. These babies have to dig theirselves out, correct? 3. How do they breathe if they're buried? 4. Where does the strength come from? I've read and seen where some...
  12. maxttu

    Spring has sprung...

    In the LoneStar State! Ambanjas Walker, Charger and Ladybird! Walker Charger Ladybird
  13. maxttu

    Walker and a gal

    During and after a rendezvous with a gal. :D
  14. maxttu

    New CH Ambanja

    Here's my new banja. I see good things in his future. ;)
  15. maxttu

    Cham meme's...I couldn't help myself!

    Don't judge me, just appreciate her looks of shock and disgust... :D
  16. maxttu

    Juicy, fat Tomato!

    For those of you that remember my Tomato, here is a recent pic of him. He is one of the sweetest looking tamataves out there. He's currently living large and in charge in Florida at 258g! I traded he and a female, both wc, for some ambanja gals. Biggest. Regret. Ever!! Man, he's sweet!
  17. maxttu

    28 eggs

    Dug up 28 eggs from Walker and Lovey. This will be Ambanja x Ambilobe. Walker is from the Ranger line (Lee, Texas Ranger) and Lovey is from Biffle's Hunter line. Walker: Hunter:
  18. maxttu

    Petco improvement. Slightly.

    This Petco has stepped up their game. They actually had drippers for the chams! Bad news was that it was dripping into a water bowl with poo.
  19. maxttu

    Sorry, but I found a new app...

    Silence of the Chams
  20. maxttu


    As charged! Sorry, but I couldn't resist. :D Flash No flash
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