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  1. Mattyp9299

    Chameleon acting strange

    I woke up to day and found my chameleon sleeping like this, her lights come on at 9am and it’s now 3:43 pm and she still hasn’t moved. I’ve been looking at her and I notice about mid day she fell asleep is this normal??
  2. Mattyp9299

    Colourful artificial Leaves

    Does anybody know where I can get any other colour than green leaves for my chameleon cage?
  3. Mattyp9299

    Looking for a Jackson’s chameleon

    I have been looking for a Jackson’s chameleon for sometime now but everywhere I’ve been they are all out of stock, anyone know of any stores in the Hawthorne area or close by that has any for sale?
  4. Mattyp9299

    My chameleon may need to lay eggs?

    I think my chameleon needs to lay her first batch of eggs, she spending a lot of time looking around on the flood and looks like she’s trying to dig, She hasn’t been with a male so I know they won’t be Fertilised I’m just looking for any tips or any helpful info on what to with this as this is...
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