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    4 ExoTerra terraria 12x12x18 tall

    4 Exoterra 12x12x18 tall terraria, complete with 12" Exoterra compact fluorescent canopies. Perfect for pygmy chameleons. Sold as is, but in good condition. Previously planted with small tropical plants and connected to a Mist King misting system in which only distilled water was used...
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    The Concerns About the Recent Cameroon Imports

    Does anyone have knowledge of the montiums included in this shipment? And am I to understand that this importer plans/hopes to bring in triceros species from Cameroon annually? For some time, I have been interested in acquiring multiple pairs of montiums, if and when the species was...
  3. meru male

    meru male

  4. meru jackson

    meru jackson

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    Trade: pair of Rh. acuminatus for T. montium

    Trade: I have a pair of Rh. acuminatus, which I would be interested in trading for T. montiums. I am looking for female montiums. If you would like to acquire a pair of Rh. acuminatus and have female montiums or a pair of montiums for trade, please let me know. I would also entertain a trade...
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    Wanted: T. montiums

    I am interested in purchasing T. montiums, especially females. Please send me a PM if you have any that you would consider selling or know of some. Thank you, Mike
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    my locust are crunchy by morning....

    Cicadas are one of the coolest bugs around. Strange looking and loud. I weren't worry about their crunchiness. In the wild, jacksons eat snails. Years ago, when I kept jacksons, I collected snails from a chemical-free source and fed them to my jacksons. At first, I was concerned both...
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    Bumps on my friends jackson chameleons belly

    Vet time. While it is still hard to determine the cause of these bumps, they may be surface symptoms of a systemic infection. A year ago, I purchased a wild caught chameleon who arrived with similar bumps. A veterinarian diagnosed the animal as suffering from a serious, systemic infection...
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    pygmy viv helpppppp

    I agree with others: a little less dirt, so that the pygmies have more vertical climbing space; and another plant. Also, the dirt looks dry. If the dirt is dry, I suggest slowly mixing in some water until you have moist soil -- not water-logged or wet, just moist. Moist soil adds humidity...
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    mt. meru info

    The operative word here is "jacksons." The subspecies of jacksons at Mt. Meru is a dwarf subspecies of jacksons. Meru jacksons and Meru dwarf jacksons are the same thing.
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    Got my pygmys!!!!

    I was at Reptile Outpost yesterday. They are sold out except for a couple female brevs, and possibly 2.3 temporalis.
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    Humidifier help!!!!!

    Bacteria, bacteria, bacteria -- That is the primary reason that a warm mist humidifier should not be used with any species of chameleon, whether a montane species like your jacksons or a species which likes warmer temperatures.
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    Acuminatus babies

    The eyelid of your baby acuminatus appears irritated and inflamed. My guess is that there may be too much humidity in your cage, or the cage is not drying sufficiently between mistings. I had acuminatus two years ago which died due to an eye infection. Their eyelids became inflamed...
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    My Pygmies Arrived!!!

    Could you post a picture of the one you suspect may be a gravid female Rh. spectrum? If it's in the picture of the ones on your hand, I assume that it is the one facing away from the camera; and if what we see on its side is a curving diagonal stripe, as opposed to the horizontal stripe on R...
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    My new Jacksonii Willengenesis and Triceros Johnstoni ..Any tips to raising these?

    I agree 100% with both points. If a j.j. is anything like a xanth, it will love a basking light. The temperatures should be about 10 degrees cooler than for a panther or vieled, but a basking light is still desired. Also, focus on gut loading your insects and use much less supplementation...
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    Azazel is confused

    Some years ago, I bred ambilobes from two pairs of WC adults. One holdback male started out as a fantastic blue bar and transformed into a pure red bar as he grew. At about 9 months of age, his background color was yellow and his bars were bright blue. Gorgeous. By the time he was...
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    Purchased WC Chameleons?

    The availability of cheap WC chameleons has not given hobbyists adequate motivation to breed some of the most interesting species. I prefer montane species (quads, montiums, cristatus, various jacksons subspecies), but the number of people breeding these species is not large. Many of these...
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    Question: how do I paste images into a post?

    Sorry for the naive question, but how do I paste images directly into my posts? When I use the "Attach Files" function, it puts thumbnails of my images into a box separate from the text of my email. This prevents me from putting captions with my images. Again, sorry for the naive...
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    Does this ever stop?

    If you worried about skin burns, there is a simple test. Put you hand under the light, where your chameleon basks, and keep it there. If your hand feels not just warm, but begins to feel uncomfortably hot -- begins to feel like it is burning and was impulse is to pull your hand away rather...
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    Why so pricey

    Fifteen years ago, if WC Parsons had sold for $500 instead of $75, they might still be available today, and a lot more work would have been done early on to work out the kinks in breeding them. And at higher prices, everyone along the supply chain could have still made money. We plunder...
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