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    Plants that smell great

    Hi All, I was curious if I could get some suggestions on what plants would make my bedroom smell good. Preferably a perennial that grows fast. My setup is very large, with a mist king, and good lighting so growing difficulties shouldnt be a problem. The setup is in my bedroom, right next...
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    DeepBlue T-5 double bulb HO fixture

    Has anyone used these form My freerange is approx 4 feet tall so I'm thinking the 12% UV would be best and a full spectrum bulb for my plants. The price seems right for the quality and the bulb output. I'll have to check if I get it, but I think these put out enough...
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    Can anyone identify this plant?

    I saw this plant at the mall the other day, and I though it would go great at the bottom of my free range. Can anyone identify what it is? Thanks!! unknown_plant by ktravelet, on Flickr unknown_plant2 by ktravelet, on Flickr
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    New "open enclosure" / "limited free range"

    I know those are oxymorons, but here it is. I was off all this week and built this "open enclosure" or what ever you want to call it. It essentially a giant corner planter box. Theres a drain in the bottom, then layered with drainage rocks, soil, and finally rocks. There are 2 places where...
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    Going to the beach for a week, need opinions

    Hi all I'm going to the beach for the week, and I'm contemplating taking her with, or trusting my roomate to take care of her. My concerns are that I'll have to keep her in a cage for the week instead of her current freerange, and my huge light hood is not portable either (with UVB tube). I...
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    Has anyone used full planter on bottome of cage

    I currently free range my veiled in ficus plant and a money tree, but was thinking of making a large box to plant both of the trees in. Then ontop I could use a couple inches of play sand. This will then provide full natural drainage, and include sand to lay the eggs in. Has anyone done...
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    Do mistkings spray through screens?

    I currently have a free range set-up, but I was thinking of going to a open cage corner type set-up. I'm also going to purchase a mistking soon too. My question is if mistkings spray through the screen in cages, or does it stick to it? Thanks
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    Do chameleons get full?

    I was just curious if chameleons get full or not. Say I put 10 roaches in a small cage with hiding places, food, and water. Will my veiled eat all of them and kill herself or will she only eat a couple a day? I'm curious because I'll be traveling soon. My roomate feeds her when I'm gone...
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    Every other day, or smaller amount every day

    Hey guys, and gals. I feel bad for my veiled but its time to drop back the feeders. I was wondering what the difference was between feeidng every other day or feeding every day at a smaller rate. Right now I am feeding ever day 3 dubia's 1/2" - 3/4". Shes about 8 months old, and havent...
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    Help with heating situation

    Alright so my setup is a zoo-med combo light over a large alii ficus tree (free range) I put regular 65 watt light bulbs in the hood (3), and have another 75 watt (specific daytime bulb) for the basking. Wasting all this energy is really bothering me. I want to put super white CFL's in the...
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    new set-up

    Hey guys, I dont really post much, but heres my new set-up. The free range is pretty addictive, and I can see it taking over my whole bedroom very quickly. The hood is a zoo med 30" combo hood. She eats out of a container is pretty hidden. For water she gets sprayed down twice a day...
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    Better pictures of Hank, and updates of setup.

    Well heres pictures off an actual camera, and not my cell phone quality. I also moved/created a better basking spot for him that doesn't get hotter then 85. I left it big so you guys can make sure hes looking ok.
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    Hank my new veiled

    Well this is my first chameleon and I went with Hank, a veiled. I attached what he looks like, and his cage set-up. I use a day heat lamp, and a repti-sun 5.0 uvb bulb. At night I use a red heat lamp as well. the bottom of his cage is 70 degrees, and his basking spot is anywhere from 85-95...
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    New baby chameleon not eating

    So I just picked up a chameleon from our local pet place along with, wire cage, sticks, fake vines, day light, night light. I spray him twice daily, temp is from 70-74, and he seems to be walking all around the cage, and even on the ground. Anyways he has yet to eat the pinheads (1/8'') out...
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