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  1. jasonc488

    receptive coloration

    You can look at my gallery and you will see my Panther becoming recptive. Although the photo shows white lateral bars, a few weeks after this photo was taken, she was pinky orange all over. You will know for sure when shes receptive, she'll start getting plump and the colours are totally...
  2. Female Sambava

    Female Sambava

    Receptive female Sambava
  3. jasonc488

    where to get new cham?

    Good Luck!! Good luck with you chams, I hope you have success and fun. I'll help in any way possible.
  4. Strike a Pose

    Strike a Pose

    Velied Chameleons
  5. I've spotted the Target

    I've spotted the Target

    Female Velied Chameleon
  6. This is the way I sleep!!!

    This is the way I sleep!!!

    Female Velied Chameleon
  7. jasonc488

    where to get new cham?

    The choice is yours! Hi, I would have been able to ship you out a yemen myself, but mine are all sold now. Just waiting on my eggs to hatch. I currently keep Panthers and Yemens. I know someone who can courier CB Yemen to you for £65 including delivery. He has been breeding chameleons for...
  8. jasonc488

    where to get new cham?

    Which species are you after? Hi, Yes I live in the UK. I'm in southampton. Which secies of chameleon are you looking for? And are you willing to travel of did you want it delivered? I can point you in the right direction. Let me know.
  9. jasonc488

    where to get new cham?

    I live in the UK! Hi, where abouts are you based?
  10. jasonc488

    starting my tweeking

    Hi, just thought I add a little here with regards to the basking temp. Bear in mind that Velied Chams are intense sunloungers. Even with your ambient temp being 80-90, they will still bask for more heat. Velied loves the sun and you can safely reach 100 at the basking spot without causing...
  11. jasonc488

    How bad is an aquarium with screen

    I know where you are coming from. Although I haven't got any pictures of my enclosures posted. I can tell you that my light bulb is an all in one uva/uvb mercury vapour lamp attached by a ceramic reflector with a screen guard. I have never had any URI problems with my chams (Touch wood) and I...
  12. jasonc488

    How bad is an aquarium with screen

    Hi Heika, Incase you were refering to me, my uvb light is inside my enclosure.
  13. jasonc488

    How bad is an aquarium with screen

    It would definitely depend on the species. When you say aquarium, I'm taking it that you will be using a fish tank vertically and the screen being the door. This will work, but it will require fine tuning. Being the Temperature and Humidity. Of course the air can become stagnant in this type of...
  14. jasonc488

    Sleeping on floor

    Hi Jewels, With regards to your chameleon sleeping on the floor at night. I think your first action should be to check the temperature in the area where your chameleon sleeps. If given different temperature in different areas of her enclosure, she can sense the warmth and migrate to the area...
  15. jasonc488

    Growth rates Veileds vs. Others

    Hi Julirs, I totally agree with you about velied's growth rate being faster than other species. My now 4 month old velied is much bigger then my 7 month old panther. Just a month ago, my panther was at least 1inch + longer than my velied (snout to vent). It is amazing how fast they grow.
  16. jasonc488

    Panther Colours

    I'm in need of some answers. Male Panther chameleons brighten up alot when they see a female panther, with a little head bobbing, etc. Their colour also brightens when they see another male, this time with an aggressive stance. Also when they sleep, their colour is much lighter and brighter...
  17. jasonc488

    new cham enclosure!

    Hi Jboychyn, I would recommend some bamboo sticks or something along those lines cable tied to the back and sides of your enclosure (Preferbly tied to the plastic tubes of your flexarium). In my experience, if you have a screen cage, the chameleons tend to climb on them. With only their nails...
  18. jasonc488

    patiently waiting...

    Nice Panther, I'm happy for you. All you need to do now is to fatten her up a bit, I'm sure she'll make a wonderful pet. Congrats. :)
  19. jasonc488

    Really poorly male cham

    I'm really sorry for your lost. But don't be put off in keeping a chameleon. Try photographing a picture of your setup and post it online. I'm sure everyone will help the best they can. R.I.P.....
  20. jasonc488

    Female Panther chameleon, Advise needed

    Thanks for all your replies. I wasn't going to breed her, I know it's way to young at 4-5 months. It's just the first time I've seen her this colour and needed some guidance for future reference. My cage isn't ventilated with any fans. I was told by panther breeders that everytime I open the...
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