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    Leachianus Gecko Available

    6 months old, 400$ firm. Beautiful gecko, unsexed email me for pictures/inquire [email protected]
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    Juvie black throat monitor and set up

    Juvenile black throat monitor + 60 gal cage, UVB lighting, heat sources, cage accessories (bedding, water bowl, thermometers, wooden hide, etc...) all for 100 He is held daily so he has had a good start taming He needs a new home asap Feel free to call or email anytime 818 390 3771...
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    cheep Burton Snowboards + gear

    2 sets brand new boots still in box (size 10) 2 hardly used snowboards 2 hardly used sets of bindings pair of used boots spy goggles its all cheep, hit me up if anyones interested 818-390-3771
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    3 month female pit, 9 month male pit need new homes

    both are great dogs they are non-aggresive, good with other dogs, well trained, good on or off leash Petey (the male) grew up in a reptile shop, he is very freindly, loves attention, and is crate trained Gia (the female) is still young yet already potty trained, knows sit and stay...
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    GTP not defecating

    Hey, I have a 4 year old female sorong green tree python who hasnt defecated in a little over a month. She deffinetely is not dehydrated...just had a full shed, drinks from water bowl, regular misting, and there is usually 70-99% humidity during the day. She is still eating normally, and her...
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    Rats Vs. Mice?

    hey my adult gtp is being picky lately and i was wondering if there are any real differences between rats and mice. She was raised on mice but someone told me to switch to rats, yet one of the rats "fought back" and bit her a few times...since then she won't them anymore (yea i tried live...
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    When you take your chameleon out...

    How many people have asked you if its an iguana? lol :rolleyes:
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    New Green Tree Python...any thoughts?

    A few months back i got a GTP, that didn't work out to well. I bought him from an expo and his health wasn't in great shape. I just got this new Sorong 4 year old female and was just wondering if anyone with GTP experience had any thoughts about her so i could catch any problems in advance...
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    1 yr Female Veiled

    Hey, my 1 year old female veiled Amillie is up for sale. I hate to let her go, but im sure she will find a great home. I purchased her from Reptile Depot in Chatsworth California in September 08. Never had any serious health problems, and is on a steady diet of crickets superworms silkies...
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    Some pics of my pets : ]

    tttthis is Monica my portuguese water dog... annnnd Olive my goldendoodle NNNNow Schmoopy and Dag the ferrets (schmooops is on the right, diggy the left) schmoopy again haha AAAnnnd now the Beardies GUSTAVE the manly man and...
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    Short time...

    So today my female veiled mated for the first time... She is receptive, and at the right age... they both seemed um into it? haha but once they were finally together he was only in for about 30 seconds i was just wondering if you guys think this is enough time to fertilize any of the eggs or...
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    NEED IMMEDIATE HELP very sick chameleon

    hey guys my Nosy Be male or female cham is looking like she/he is dead. She/he looked normal brownish colors with some blue tint today in the morning and i noticed her/him at 5ish with extremely sunken eyes all white and looking very bony. He/She is about 2-3 months old and no vets in my area...
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    Gravid issue

    Hey everyone my frineds 7ish month old veiled has been acting gravid (infertile) for 8 days she has been digging and digging but no luck she has plenty of room, srayed and dripped water reguarly, has the proper housing and everything the other problem is that the last month she has hardly...
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