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    chameleon laying eggs while on vines??

    Do you have a proper laying bin in the cage? Could mean that she's holding it in and some are falling out out. Just speculation and it happened to me the first time my girl laid. Once the bin was in she dug and laid a bunch of eggs.
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    think about melleri

    Good luck finding one in the first place. I've built an enclosure, and have a roach colony sustained to support a Melleri but I have yet to find one for sale.
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    Why are veiled chameleons so cranky?

    Thats a great idea. If mine is hungry she will come down to the same branch everytime I walk in the room. If it thinks it has to walk down your arm to get fed, it will prob do it every time. Definitely creatures of habit.
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    dubia colony/bucket holes

    are the holes to sift out frass, the smaller roaches, or both?
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    Bradypodion pumilum, transvaalense and Kinyongia tavetana pics

    can you post a picture of your enclosures? They look just as cool as the chameleons!
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    OT: The Last of his Kind

    I'm a little confused. What sub species was he the last of? Anyways, yes, this is a very sad day for science and conservation.
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    High-quality dog food for Dubia

    Perfect staple gut load is oranges. It provides them vitamins, water, and keeps the cages smelling fresh. Just throw in what ever fruits and veggies you have left at the end of the week on top of it.
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    What to do for a 24-48 hour trip?

    I'm pretty sure a reptile can withstand any condition in America right now for 48 hours. Just leave with a dripper and everything will be fine. Who cares if a light burns out, timer malfunctions, house AC dies, or even if the dripper stops working 6 hours in. Don't get me wrong, I love...
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    I need help quickly in North East Pennsylvania (Poconos)

    you cant use anything else? I'm sure you could get roaches shipped to you overnight from somewhere.
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    Plants that smell great

    Hi All, I was curious if I could get some suggestions on what plants would make my bedroom smell good. Preferably a perennial that grows fast. My setup is very large, with a mist king, and good lighting so growing difficulties shouldnt be a problem. The setup is in my bedroom, right next...
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    4 days without food?

    These creatures can go a month with out eating!!
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    Sealing MDF?

    Are you looking for a different seal or just checking if yours will work? The shop floor sealer is epoxy and will seal absolutely everything! Its pricy though.
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    Sealing MDF?

    basement sealer. You can get it in white. It wont seal the huge gaps but should be fine if you built your cage with decent tolarances
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    Sealing MDF?

    medium density fiberboard?
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    Sealing MDF?

    Whats MDF? I used spray on bed liner for the inside of my box. Layered first with Rocks, than dirt, than top layer of rocks. Everything is leaning towards the drain and I havent had a problem yet.
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    hydro balls??

    I think those are more for smaller cages with no drainage and little ventilation such as a frog aquarium. I'm sure there is place to use them in certain cham setup though. Whats you cage setup like?
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    Just Got Mist King!!!

    your not kidding. I can actually leave for a couple days and not have to bring my cham with me too!
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    DeepBlue T-5 double bulb HO fixture

    No solarmeter here. I cant imaging it would be stronger than the sun? Theres plenty of shade in my fixture if she needs to get away. Anyone else have thoughts on this? Can you post before and after pictures of the light output? Thanks!
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    is this setup okay so far?

    wow where did you find a schefflera like that?!
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    DeepBlue T-5 double bulb HO fixture

    Has anyone used these form My freerange is approx 4 feet tall so I'm thinking the 12% UV would be best and a full spectrum bulb for my plants. The price seems right for the quality and the bulb output. I'll have to check if I get it, but I think these put out enough...
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