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  1. Daz

    Diego Suarez nightmare!

    dont worry guys im not a completely irresponsible moron im not gonna place the female in to get on with it, my question was merely ideas on how to get them to mate - not on husbandry or other methods, and thanks pohchunyee i've been doing that gradually and it seems to be working because...
  2. Daz

    Diego Suarez nightmare!

    the female does seem to be showing slightly darker colouration but at the same time she can display receptive colouration - also the cages were only placed next to each other while they were in the garden - not 24/7 as in my set ups which are completely seperate. seems to have worked too...
  3. Daz

    Diego Suarez nightmare!

    ok i have a breeding pair of diego Suarez of mature age who wont breed! if i put them near each other they wanna tear each other apart - frustrating thing is if i show them alternative panther chameleons they seem a little more interested. the worst of the pair has to be the male who will...
  4. Daz


    just a couple of pics the biggest is Nuke my 1 and a bit year old home bred Hybrid Tamatave/Nosy be. the other smaller chameleon i got around march time from Rob lane, and i cannot sing Robs praises enough this guy is a genius when it comes to chameleons.. anyways this is my Blue Bar ambilobe...
  5. Daz


    hey guys just thought i'd introduce myself... My names darren im based south east of london, i'd stayed behind the scenes for a bit to get to see what the forums like before i started to participate as i'd had bad experiences with a certain big UK forum last year so kinda pulled myself away...
  6. Hatchling from 06'

    Hatchling from 06'

    another panther hatchling
  7. Hatchling Furucifer pardalis

    Hatchling Furucifer pardalis

    Baby from march 06'
  8. Daz

    Eye swelling

    i had a similar incident in a 6 week old Ambilobe panther which unfortunately died. he would continuously puff his eye as if to clean it and no amount of hydration would clean it out, anyways later it turned out to be conjunctervitus and the eye drops were extremely hard to administer in such a...
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