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  1. fleetwoodchams

    P. grandis ( Giant day Gecko ) Female

    Wanted Female P. grandis Day Gecko Looking for an adult or sub-adult- no hatchlings Please contact me via PM or at [email protected] with reasonable price + ship costs ( please include photos ) so I can see it is a female Thanks
  2. fleetwoodchams

    Spiders issues?

    Does anyone know how to get rid of house spiders without harmful chemicals.? I am seeing more and more around the chams room and I can't spray bug killers. I clean my cham cages all the time, even picking up dropping as soon as I see them. All the cages have absorbent puppy pads in the bottom...
  3. fleetwoodchams

    Army worms?

    Army worms -1. A lepidopterous insect, which in the larval state often travels in great multitudes from field to field, destroying grass, grain, and other crops. The common army worm of the northern United States is Leucania unipuncta. The name is often applied to other related species, as the...
  4. fleetwoodchams

    Crazy Easter eggs?

    My male Ki ( from crazyeyeschams ) and my female Glinda ( from Hunter lineage FLchams ) are mated. She was full of eggs you could see just by her size. Laying bin has about 6" of organic playsand/ soil mix. I have kept it damp but not wet. I also have a small plant growing in it and covered...
  5. fleetwoodchams


    Are earthworms a menu item for chams? I have looked in the feeder list and did not see them. Anyone have experience with this? Thanks
  6. fleetwoodchams

    Self serve showers?

    Memphis decided to take his shower into his own paws lol
  7. fleetwoodchams

    Really nice chameleon Video( excellent close-ups)

    Check out this youtube video Documentary on Madagascar Has lots of really nice close up video of chameleons of several types in the first half. Showing slow-mo feeding, and color adaptation to terrain and habitat Enjoy :)
  8. fleetwoodchams

    A big welcome to Jasper

    Hi guys, Here's Jasper. he is just over 3 months now Really have high hopes for this guy. One of the lightest males I've seen,with yellows and pale blues. He is from the FLchams - Hunter lineage and should be stellar :) Shown pic 1 is Jasper Pic 2 is Hunter the Sire
  9. fleetwoodchams

    Frequency? If you know what I mean...

    Just curious if any one else has observed this male behavior. My year old male just went crazy with passion for my ambilobe female yesterday. I'm telling you full on bang up electric colors and stars in his eyes. Today he is with my other female and although she is receptive. (no biting...
  10. fleetwoodchams

    Senior member

    Just noticed I am now a senior member. Stil don't know how that happens but my thanks to the powers that be. All I need now is little green dots LOL:D
  11. fleetwoodchams

    Have you ever seen a girl this yellow?

    This is Glinda ( no, not the good witch ) She is 6 months old. I have other females but I have never seen one with soo much yellows and gold.
  12. fleetwoodchams

    Best online for worms?

    I been doing some research on new foods for my chams. Silks and hornworms seems to have a nice fat/protein ration. I would like to know the best online sources for these. The silkworms seem to always be sold out at the sites I know of. thanks
  13. fleetwoodchams

    Jethro has his own spa

    Hi My 4 year old ambilobe male drinks from his own fountain. Like one of those table top versions. When I got him from a I noticed he did drink droplets off of leaves but also insisted on drinking the collected water in the plant trays. In order to keep him from doing this I got him a fountain(...
  14. fleetwoodchams

    Helping an aggressive cham

    I recently purchased a 7 mo. old ambilobe male which I knew was not the friendliest. That's not why I am posting. I tried all the hand feed, leave him alone for a while so on and so forth common sense suggestions to get him not to fear me. Every time he would try to hide not even look at the...
  15. fleetwoodchams

    Calling all Noki boys

    Thought it would be fun to see Noki's ( Komeleons ) colorful brothers and sisters Here is my Memphis 3.5 mo old Noki boy Noki girls are welcome too of course!
  16. fleetwoodchams

    Little Memphis (Noki's Boy) Getting some superior color

    Just wanted to introduce you all to Memphis. He is my new Ambilobe male from Komeleons ,Noki line. A wonderful addition to our family. He is only 3 1/2 months old now but really growing fast. Just shed again today. First photo is Memphis / 2nd is Noki the sire from Komeleons I'll keep you...
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