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  1. Apl3jck

    Fischer's Hand feeding

    I Just got my 7 month old Fischer's to hand feed! IM SO HAPPY! and to think there were people that told me it would never happen.... to you I say HA!
  2. Apl3jck

    How long does it take for MBD to develop?

    Ive just been wondering how long it would take for MBD to develop... I mostly want to know so that I can rest assured that i'm doing things right. I know it develops over long term neglect, but how long term, are we talking months or years? thanks in advance :)
  3. Apl3jck

    Is it wrong...

    It it wrong that the average 17 year old neglects his girlfriend to play Call Of Duty... and I neglect my girlfriend to to take care of my chameleon?
  4. Apl3jck

    Cage Remodel, Opinions anyone?

    So I just remodeled goggles cage and I was wondering if there is anything you guys think I should do/change?
  5. Apl3jck

    Parsonii chameleons?

    Parsonii chameleons are SO COOL!!!! I've been looking at them all day and they look like legit dinosaurs! I've heard that taking care of them can be a lot different than other breeds but someday when I have a more disposable budget, I hope to get one. How does someone go about getting one...
  6. Apl3jck

    My Chameleon melts out outside

    Yesterday I took my 6 months old Fischer's Chameleon outside to let him look around and get a taste of the outdoors (under close supervision of course.) but when I took him outside, the moment he touched the sunlight he pushed out all the air in him and plopped down on his side! it was bizarre...
  7. Apl3jck

    Window Side Entertainment

    my little guy watching the world
  8. Apl3jck

    Cup feeding question

    I set up a cup inside my fischer's cage in order to make feeding him easier, its not very big, but big enough to keep the crickets in do you think he will shoot them out of the cup?
  9. Apl3jck

    Chameleon in the window

    My 4 month old Fischer's favorite place in his cage is right next to the window, and its not like hes trying to escape because he just sits on his little perch by the window and looks out at about the same time every day for an hour or so, even when the window is closed. I was worried he would...
  10. Apl3jck

    My Chameleon wants out!

    I let my cham. explore my room yesterday... and now he wants nothing more than to be out of his cage... looking back, I probably shouldn't have given him the taste of the outside world :/
  11. Apl3jck


    My little Fischer's is very restless, more so than usual... Does that mean hes looking for food?
  12. Apl3jck

    Chameleon Shower

    I heard chameleons enjoy showers every now and then, would my Fischer's like this?
  13. Apl3jck

    Sleeping Schedule?

    I have a 4 month old Fischer's Chameleon, Hes healthy as can be and im very happy with him, I was just wondering what time he should be going to sleep. His cage is in my room and I stay up quite late, so what I do is I turn his UV light off and drape a sheet over his cage and he always goes to...
  14. Apl3jck

    How Many Crickets Per Day?

    I have a 4 1/2 month old Fischer's Cham. and I was wondering how many crickets I should feed him per day, their small crix but they look a bit more like mediums to me... any advice anyone?
  15. Apl3jck

    How long is a cham. Considered juvenile?

    I have a 4 1/2 month old Fischer's chameleon, and I was wondering how long he would be considered a juvenile. The reason i'm asking is because I'm supposed to feed them every day when juvenile and every other day when adult, and i'm wondering if i'm feeding him too much.
  16. Apl3jck

    Chameleon Victory Dance

    Am I the only one who does a little victory dance whenever my chameleon eats??? I mean, its an exciting thing, it might as well be telling you "don't worry, i'm still king of this cage". its just such a reassuring thing!
  17. Apl3jck

    A pill bug a day keeps the doctor away?

    My Cham. seems to love munching on pill bugs (rolly pollys, whatever you want to call them) do they pack the same nutrition as a cricket? should I leave this only as a treat?
  18. Apl3jck

    Quick, I need to know if ladybugs are safe for chameleons to eat

    Somehow, a ladybug wound up in my Fischer's cage... Idk... I guess its big enough to have started its own ecosystem inside. Anyway, Should I take the ladybug out? or can I let him eat it?
  19. Apl3jck

    My new dripper

    This is my new dripper, I just made, My Fischer's hasn't taken much interest in it i'm hoping he will figure out where the water is because I need him to drink when I go away on the weekends... obviously... you guys think he'll find and drink from it?
  20. Apl3jck

    Dripper help please?

    Im building a dripper and as for the setup, it works great, BUT, I need to know what the flow of drips should be... like How often should it drip? I was also wondering if it would be a good idea to put a larger leaf under the drips to catch some water so that he can have a consistent spot to...
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