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  1. Cham1224


    Hello... I have a 7 month old female chameleon and today I noticed her belly with a peel part not quite near her "area" ( I think ) and am wondering what it is. Has anyone seen this before? She just went through a full shed a couple of weeks ago and not thinking it is that. Thoughts?
  2. Cham1224


    So my little Camilia ( 7 months old ) showed some different colors today. Almost tiger striped like? Anyone else see this before?
  3. Cham1224


    Hi all!! I have a question, so I placed this laying bin in her new cage a couple of weeks ago to have in there at all times for when she is ready. I thought she was already there but I also think I am so worried about everything that I over analyze and she isn't ready. Here is my question, how...
  4. Cham1224

    Feet peeling?

    My female veiled Chameleon has something weird on her foot? What is this?
  5. Cham1224


    Hello everyone! So I'm obsessed with this forum and making sure I do everything right for Camilia. I see in the resource section along with suggestions that a cool mist humidifier was a great way to keep humidity up ( at night ) . The photo below is what I purchased a couple of months ago and...
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    :unsure: I think my girl is going to lay eggs very soon, I have prepared her cage with a laying bin but in doing so I think I just created more stress on her and am so nervous she is going to get egg bound. Also I just realized I gave her no other room at the bottom for live plants..( photos...
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