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    Poop or impaction issues?

    Alright so our almost two year old male veiled hasn't pooped in about two weeks, maybe three that we can find? He's still eating but there was a miscommunication with cage cleaning since my husband and I swap and just didn't realize neither had found poop. Please don't be too harsh as we just...
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    Pretty Boi Appreciation Post

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    Peely boi

    Mel really doesn't like being sprayed, until he's shedding, and then he basks in it happily (well... as happily as a veiled can)
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    Orchids are cheap today!!!!

    Orchids are on sale at home depot for twelve bucks for the big ones and eight for the small ones. Never thought we'd be able to afford orchids for him but here we are!!! Tomorrow he gets a cage makeover! (We will effectively clean them all off)
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    Developing an RI?

    A quick note about where we have gotten some of our more specific information from. The guy we got him from has been a successful breeder of a huge variety of chams, he now owns a store where he keeps more exotic varieties of reptile. He also works with an exotic reptile vet at the Aurora Animal...
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    Lucky bamboo, yes or no?

    I will be posting an update with Mel's big boy cage today (some pics will be added for sure!) But I was wondering if lucky bamboo is allowed in the cage? We have a pothos in there which he has already taken a few bites out of today and we have a lucky bamboo and we're wondering if that can go in?
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    Ready for his big boy cage

    I'm so excited! Mel is finally coming out of his brown phase!!!! We are also decorating his big boy cage because he's finally big enough for an upgrade. So much space to fill but we got a couple of live plants for him and are working on the set up!
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    Abnormal or just weird?

    What is this sleeping? He sleeps in some weird positions but this takes it.
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    Day 2 Handfeeding Success

    I know I post a lot but HE CLIMBED ON MY HAND TO GET A SNACK. Ignoring him for the first week, being patient, and trying to avoid making him feel threatened is paying off!!!! He hung out for a bit then went back into his cage. My heart is so happy.
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    Day 1 Hand Feeding Success!

    Just wanted to share my excitement from today's successful hand feeding! We got a male juvie veiled last week. We left him alone for the first week so he could settle in and let him get used to seeing us around, only real interaction was when we would put his buggies in but we never attempted to...
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    New Chameleon

    Here's our little guy, we got him a few days ago. Very, very big eater, hunts around the cage anytime he knows we put something in, seems fairly happy I think? But he's staying pretty dark most of the time and I'm not sure if this is happy color, sad color, just not sure what his color means. He...
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