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  1. cruzv

    Is this a burn?

    My panther has been climbing to the ceiling of his cage a lot recently and notice his underside is looking a little darker than usual does this look normal or is it a burn?
  2. cruzv

    Very excited!

    After quite a few months I was finally able to get my panther chameleon! I want to thank @Matt Vanilla Gorilla for being so helpful throughout the whole process and for sending me this little guy! He was very friendly straight out the box but will still be giving him some space to get used to...
  3. cruzv

    Panther Chameleon needed!

    Does anyone around the Georgia area have panther chameleons for sale?
  4. cruzv

    Husbandry review (panther)

    Getting my first panther in a couple weeks just want to make sure everything is good with husbandry Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - The species: panther sex: male age of your chameleon: will be 4 months. How long has it been in your care?: do not have him yet Handling - How often do you...
  5. cruzv

    Hiding plants

    what kind of plant can I hang off the top of my cage to provide more cover for my chameleon to hide behind? And what website do you guys recommend?
  6. cruzv

    show me your ambilobe!

    getting a baby from this guy in a couple of months just want to see what everyone else has!
  7. cruzv

    Mistking question!

    can I buy water from water dispenser at Walmart and use it in my mistking? The one where you fill up the blue 5 gallon container?
  8. cruzv

    help with plants

    i need more foliage in the mid/upper half my enclosure any recommendations plants and how to hang them?
  9. cruzv

    Show me your bio active setup!

    Looking for ideas that I could add to my own bio active setup!
  10. cruzv

    morning routine?

    i leave for work around 5am and usually don't get back till around 3:30pm. would it be okay if i left food in a feeder cup before i leave so the chameleon will eat once the lights turn on around 7:30am?
  11. cruzv

    Miracle gro good?

    I needed potting soul for the braided hibiscus that I plan to put in my enclosure and this is the only thing I could find at Home Depot that was “organic” Is it recommended?
  12. cruzv

    dragon strand replacement door and side panel

    i have the dragon strand clear side medium tall enclosure does anyone know if they sell replacement parts?
  13. cruzv


    does anyone know a website where I can buy chameleon safe plants for my enclosure? And have any recommendations on plants that will cover more of the top of the enclosure
  14. cruzv

    calcium supplements

    can anyone tell me if this is a good schedule to keep my chameleon on? i have seen many different ones and am not sure which one to follow. Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Vitamin A Calcium+D3 Calcium Calcium Out-stickytongue Calcium Calcium...
  15. cruzv

    Arcadia deep heat projector

    has anyone used the Arcadia deep heat projector? is it recommended over a traditional heat lamp?
  16. cruzv

    looking for a Ambanja, ambilobe, or nosey be

    looking to buy a at least a panther at least 3 and a half months old
  17. cruzv

    Bio active lighting

    what kind of lighting should i get for the plants in a bio active setup? can i use regular light bulbs?
  18. cruzv

    does anyone have panthers for sale?

    in search of a panther chameleon that will be ready to sale in a month or so. will consider older as well.
  19. cruzv

    new to chameleons please help

    Although i will not be getting him (panther chameleon) for another month i would like to be informed before hand so when i do get him ill be prepared. a few questions come to mind. 1. As a juvenile of maybe 3-4 months how often would i have to feed him, also what quantity and would this change...
  20. cruzv

    Future first time Cham owner. The right housing for a panther chameleon?

    I’m buying a previously owned bio active clear side dragon strand cage, measurements 28.5x18 and 29.5 tall. I am familiar with the brand, but would like to know if it would support the chameleon even as a full grown adult? The cage has clear panels on the front, right side, and on the back would...
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