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  1. xarctic

    Should I give up and sell?

    I've had my panther cham for about a year now so he's around a year and a half old. In October he got a nasty eye infection and with the help of a great vet and force feeding he became healthy again, and gained all the weight he had lost back again. His right eye was left somewhat damaged with...
  2. xarctic

    MBD experience needed

    My boyfriend has a young bearded dragon and he sent me a video of her laying down all of her legs except the back left leg was normal. The back left leg almost looked like it was completely numb, she had it laying flat and sprawled out and it was slightly twitching. Her other legs were taught...
  3. xarctic

    Pictures from this morning

    Went out for some fun in the sun/mist! He made a cute baby tree frog friend along the way :)
  4. xarctic

    Vet transporting?

    My little man has his firs vet trip tomorrow and I have no clue what to put him in. Anyone have any suggestions?
  5. xarctic

    Sleeping during the day

    My cham has started to sleep during the day and is just generally lethargic and keeps one of his eyes closed a lot. He wont even open it when I am holding him which is very weird. That eye I am noticing is producing some sort of discharge and I gave him a shower on a tree to help get it out the...
  6. xarctic

    PLEASE PLEASE HELP Egg identification/Info please

    Okay so here is my problem right now. My mom was doing yard work cleaning up an old burn pile in the yard and came across three clutches of eggs. One clutch of 19 eggs looks like tortoise eggs which worries me because here (Central Florida) we have gopher tortoises which are endangered. So...
  7. xarctic

    Maybe dried sperm? Help please

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon -Panther, male, 8-9 months old, had him for about 5 months Handling - Once or twice a week when I clean his enclosure Feeding - I feed him mealworms, crickets, and the occasional superworm or wax worm. Gut load with various vegetables and fruit...
  8. xarctic

    Dubia roaches in Florida?

    So I would really like to start a dubia roach colony buuuuut I live in Florida. Every website is saying they can not be shipped to Florida, for understandable reasons they would breed like cazy here, but it would be a shame to miss out on such a great feeder. Does anyone know where I can get...
  9. xarctic

    Opinions on different locale breeding?

    Just wondering what the opinions are on breeding one locale with another, do you think it brings the value down or is it a more exciting dimension, because you're not really sure what you will end up with. I was thinking maybe a Nosy Be and Ambanja combo would turn out neat?
  10. xarctic

    DIY enclosure tips?

    I have a male Nosy Be Panther and a 3'x3'x6' space to work with. First off is that even enough space for him to grow into? I can find another space for him if it isn't. He isn't grown yet hes about 6 months old at the moment. I'm just looking for any advice on what to do and what not to do...
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