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    Tortoise info

    A while back there was a discussion about different types of tortoises. I seem to remember folks talking about using a kid's sand table, some of the "naughty" things Sulcatas do, etc. I've been searching the forum and have found nothing. I'm looking for info on keeping Hermann's...
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    Australian gecko advice needed

    I have the opportunity to purchase a proven breeding pair or single Nephrurus wheeleri cinctus. I have loved these for years, but have never encountered any breeders in Canada. Can someone direct me to a good resource/caresheet? I know someone here breeds them, but I can't remember the...
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    Fischers id

    I was in a local petstore today, and they had a "one horn fisher's (sic) Chameleon". Can someone tell me how to identify what sort of Fischer's it is, and how I could identify the sex? Also, I see that they are montane, so would they have approximately the same temps and humidity as Sternfeldi...
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    Under-eye swellings in pygmy

    One of my female brevs has had swelling under both eyes for about a week. Initially I thought she was going to start a shed, but that's not happened. Today I took a closer look and it looks almost like she has pockets of fluid under both eyes and possibly a small one under her chin. Any...
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    Chamaeleo bitaeniatus

    Common name is Desert Side Stripe Chameleon. Anyone working with these guys? Thoughts?
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    Penn Plax Enclosures

    I LOVE this!!!! Yes, I know, it's glass, but that's what works best for my species in my house. I love that they make a...
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    The Daily Squee

    If any of you go on they have a section called the "Daily Squee". Pics of tiny cute things. Anyway, the first pic up on the currrent page is one of a baby chameleon on a person's finger. Not sure what type it is, but damn, it is cute! I don't think I can post it here...
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    Alligator Snapping turtle

    Looking for a fairly young one. Preferably in Canada (where I am), but if you are in the US and have all the right papers, I'm open to discussion. Also, if you only have contacts, I don't mind doing the follow up.
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    Pygmies: Juveniles with Adults

    At what age is it appropriate to put juvenile pygmies (in this case brevicaudatus) in with adults? I have babies of various ages in a "baby tank", and I'm wondering when it's time to graduate and go in with the adults. The babies are fine together, lots of food, space and places to hide, so...
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    Manitoba Reptile Expo

    Well, it's not Toronto or Vegas, but hey, it's something, and it's been and gone for another year. My husband I were in great form with horrible colds, spreading our cooties to the reptile loving masses, but ... well it was the expo after all LOL. I got a couple of pygmies (brevs). They are...
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    Werner babies update -- not good

    So at only 3 days, I have already lost 3 babies. One freshly dead this morning, and two when I got home this afternoon. There are a few of them that go down to the bottom and just lie there. I can rouse them and they'll go back up a twig, but I don't want to stress out everyone by going in...
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    Werner baby update

    ... and one more makes 14! Found it climbing on the screen late this afternoon. I don't know where it was hiding, as I thought I examined the enclosure quite thoroughly. It is heavily planted though. All babies seem fine, although every now and again I find one on the "floor" of it's...
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    Baby Werners!

    I am the proud caretaker of 13 shiny new baby werners. What's strange is that I was going to post here last night to say that I thought she had reabsorbed as she was not nearly the size she was when I got her in the beginning of August. Imagine my surprise when I got up late this morning and...
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    Feeding pinheads to pygmies

    I just ordered pinheads for my baby brevs. The fruit flies seem to be stressing them, so I'm thinking the crickets will stay on the ground rather than crawling on the babies. Currently the babies are seperate, but I am thinking of putting them in a 10 gallon. How do I feed the pinheads so...
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    Waiting for Werners babies

    I purchased an already gravid wc Werners, and she's getting pretty big, so I have a few questions. First, about dropping the babies that don't come out of the sacs. I hijacked another thread (sorry), but I'll ask here. How hard? I worry that I might kill it. I previously opened the sacs...
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    Is 4 weeks too young?

    I have the opportunity to get a cbb Flapneck cham in the next couple of weeks. They are 4 weeks now. Isn't that really young? What age would be best. If 4 weeks is ok, do I start him in a small enclosure or is my big one ok if I cup feed? Thanks.
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    RIP Frac

    Well, I just got home to find my Sternfeldi (Frac) dead. In the last while I could tell she was slowing down, moving around less and not eating as much as usual. My husband had misted her just before I got home, and he said she was moving. Quite sudden, but not unexpected. My other...
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    Any Canadians use SuperCrickets?

    With the cricket shortage I'm having a tough time getting feeders. Has anyone used this company before? Thoughts? I usually use Canadian Feeders, and their quality is excellent. Unfortunately they're not shipping crickets right now.
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    More chameleon love?

    After reading the story about the ousties and the pygmies, I thought I would share my own story. I had two wc sternfeldi females that I kept together in a large enclosure. From the day I got them they would sleep together, eat at the same time, and bask together. A few months ago one got...
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    Mellers in petstore

    Just venting. Today I went into a local petstore and they had a Greater Mellers there. I know very little about them (what I read from forum members), other that they need very specific care. As per the norm s/he's in a totally inappropriate setup, but thankfully on the very bottom enclosure...
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