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    leaving the forums

    i totally agree with just about everyone who wants to leave, my questions seem to be ignored until the problem has already passed, whenever i pretty much post everything in my description im still asked just fill out this form, and then everytime i get a different answer on what to change. Its...
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    Thank you chameleon forums

    When i was in possesion of my chameleon, this website was so helpful and so were the people in it thank you for all youve done and continue helping those newbies thanks guys, thanks a lot.
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    Is anyone familiar with Golden Geckos?

    My chameleon recently passed away, I looked into it and it appeared to be MBD but i rescued him and his previous home he was mistreated and malnourished so i did rescue him but sadly he didn't make it more than 8 months in my care... So i looked into a non complex reptile with little maintence...
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    Please Help Immediately!!! Chameleon life may be at stake!!!!!!!!

    Okay so im not gonna lie it was about 4-5 days since i fed my veiled because my parents wouldnt buy me crickets even though i kept reminding them, and then he wasnt moving so i fed him 3 crickets which i just bought, he is very lathargic which i know is caused by lack of nutrition and food and...
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    Please help!

    Alright guys, my chameleon is constantly shaking when he tries to move, and I don't ever see him bask. I got him a couple weeks ago and at first I thought he was just scared but after 3 weeks that can't be it. Also he is constantly clawing at the glass trying to climb then when he realizes he...
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    Chameleons for Pets

    I hate it when people lie. When I was looking for a first pet about a month ago, I saw how cool chameleons were. I started to read up on them and many people were kind of freaking me out saying,"If you don't take proper care of it it'll die!" Which I guess is true for any pet though so why did...
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    Different Food?

    I have been feeding my 8 month old male veiled chameleon 7-10 crickets a day and he seems to be doing fine. I dust them once a week and I used to feed him mealworms but I read they are very low on nutrients so I stopped feeding him mealworms. Ive been reading on another site just recently that I...
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    Any Reccomandations

    Hello, I am a new chameleon owner, I have been one for 3 days. I have been feeding him 1 mealworm and 3,4, or 5 crickets a day with a vitamin supplement. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what will make him "Fatten" up a little bit. He is very skinny so much that when he turns...
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