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  1. Haley0o0

    Is he ok

    He's never sat like this before, is something wrong? If u can't tell from the image, he is upsidedown, with his head facing the ground. He was doing it earlier, but not right now, I just thought I'd ask.
  2. Haley0o0

    Can I use these to gut load?

    I've been gut loading with oranges but I have these things and can I use them? Strawberry's, Pineapple, Onion and bread. I just need help finding something until I go shopping again.
  3. Haley0o0

    Is it ok he's not eating even though he's so young?

    Thank so much guys, as I'm typing he just started eating, thanks for your help
  4. Haley0o0

    Is it ok he's not eating even though he's so young?

    I know when a new chameleon comes home for the first time, they won't eat because its a new environment. But Cosmo's a young boy, and he needs to grow. Is it ok for him to be growing but not eating right now because he's new here? And how long on average do you think it will be until he eats?
  5. Haley0o0

    What should a baby Vield Cham eat?

    I got a new chameleon, and he's around 4 months. I only have meal worms right now, but is there anything else I can get for my little guy.
  6. Haley0o0

    Are snails ok?

    I have been currently getting all the supplies for my first cham, and the last thing is food. And I seen that they can eat snails? Is that true, if so how nutritus are they, and is it a pesific type?(sry for my misspelling)
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