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    4 ExoTerra terraria 12x12x18 tall

    4 Exoterra 12x12x18 tall terraria, complete with 12" Exoterra compact fluorescent canopies. Perfect for pygmy chameleons. Sold as is, but in good condition. Previously planted with small tropical plants and connected to a Mist King misting system in which only distilled water was used...
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    Trade: pair of Rh. acuminatus for T. montium

    Trade: I have a pair of Rh. acuminatus, which I would be interested in trading for T. montiums. I am looking for female montiums. If you would like to acquire a pair of Rh. acuminatus and have female montiums or a pair of montiums for trade, please let me know. I would also entertain a trade...
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    Wanted: T. montiums

    I am interested in purchasing T. montiums, especially females. Please send me a PM if you have any that you would consider selling or know of some. Thank you, Mike
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    Question: how do I paste images into a post?

    Sorry for the naive question, but how do I paste images directly into my posts? When I use the "Attach Files" function, it puts thumbnails of my images into a box separate from the text of my email. This prevents me from putting captions with my images. Again, sorry for the naive...
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    Rh. acuminatus (aka "montane pygmy" or "nguru pygmy")

    I am interested in acquiring additional Rh. acuminatus. Please send me a PM, if you have one or more acuminatus which you would be willing to sell. Thank you, Mike
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    Mold in ExoTerra enclosure

    To anyone with experience with glass enclosures (terraria/vivaria): I cleaned and replanted several 12x12x18 ExoTerra in which I keep pygmies. This included completely emptying the ExoTerra down to an empty glass terrarium and building all the layers back up again. So that no unwanted...
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    CH T. pfefferi -- 3 months old

    CH T. pfefferi -- 3 months old. They are active, hungry, robust baby chameleons, which are ready for new homes. I have 1.2 available. T. pfefferi are a small montane species from Cameroon, which are about the size of a F. lateralis (carpet chameleon). I keep mine in glass ExoTerra...
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    Outdoor pygmy cages?

    Does anyone out there keep their pygmy chameleons outdoors? If so, I would be interested to learn about your cages and see some pictures. My wife and I are considering renting a home which has a beautifully landscaped backyard with lots of tree cover, combined with lots of undergrowth in...
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    3 more CH T. pfefferi

    Almost 2 months ago, I was lucky to have 5 CH pfefferi emerge from their eggs. They are all doing well and growing fast. I think that they are 2.3. This evening 3 CH pfefferi emerged from a second clutch. This second clutch is somewhere in the soil of their mom's cage. (The mom has been...
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    T. pfefferi -- any keepers/breeders out there?

    Are any forum members keeping or breeding T. pfefferi? Small numbers were imported over the last two years, so hopefully some forum members acquired them and are having success. I currently have 1.1.5. If someone else has hatched baby pfefferi, I suggest that we can exchange some...
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    B. superciliaris or therezieni?

    I purchased a male and a female B. superciliaris from different sources. I feel confident that my female is a superciliaris, but I am concerned that my male is a therezieni. Can anyone with experience with these species help identify my male? Thanks, Mike
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    CH C.t. pfefferi -- one month old

    I was lucky to hatch five C.t. pfefferi from eggs deposited by a WC female. They are one month old and starting to show adult features.
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    Should I excavate eggs which have been in soil for some months?

    Due to work-related travel, I was away when my female C.t. pfefferi deposited a clutch of eggs in her terrarium. She lives in a large glass ExoTerra cage, which is heavily planted with tropical plants and has automatic misting. The soil in the terrarium is a perfect environment for the eggs...
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    C.t. montium

    I am interested in finding a pair of C.t. montium. WC or CB individuals would also be of interest. Please send me a PM if you have any available. Thank you, Mike
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    C.t. pfefferi

    Looking for C.t. pfefferi, especially a male. PM me if you have one available. Thank you, Mike
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    4 week old Brookesia superciliaris

    Here are two new pics of my 4 week old B. superciliaris. He seems to be doing well. Half the time I can't find him in his cage, but small droppings are scattered around the cage floor.
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    Hatchling B. superciliaris

    Here's a picture of a just-hatched B. superciliaris. It is a CH'ed animal from my only viable egg. My WC female superciliaris scattered eggs around her cage without digging a nest. Unfortunately, when I discovered them, all were dessicated except this one. It incubated alone on...
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    CB Uroplatus henkeli

    Two CB male U. henkeli. Brothers hatched on May 25 and 26, now about 7 inches long. Excellent health. Beautiful geckos. Aggressive eaters. One is a nice example of a standard color pattern for a male henkeli, with lots of contrast. The other has a more mottled color pattern and unusual orange...
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    CB Uroplatus henkeli

    Two CB U. henkeli males, brothers hatched on May 25 and 26. Now about 7 inches long. Beautiful healthy henkeli. Both are active, aggressive eaters. One is a nice example of standard color pattern for a male henkeli with lots of contrast. The other has a more mottled color pattern than...
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    Anyone have long-term success with R. temporalis?

    Has anyone had long-term success with R. temporalis -- keeping individual animals healthy long-term and hopefully breeding them? A local pet store just received two pairs of temporalis, and they look healthy. I am tempted, but thought I'd check to see how other keepers have fared with this...
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