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  1. CCG

    DIY 5 foot 10 Cham enclosure

    Mr. Mojos new enclosure spent a couple hours building this, this weekend I have 2 real plants in there (umbrella and ficus) and over all I'm happy with it!
  2. CCG

    White fig (ficus) safe for enclosure

    Hey guys starting my new cage today, as for live plants I currently have an umbrella tree and a white fig, is this plant(white fig) safe before I add it to the enclosure? Just wanted to double check.
  3. CCG

    Been a while! Here are some updates on Mr. Mojo

    This is Mr. Mojo my male Nosey Be chameleon, he is closing in on the 5 month mark I believe and shows some awesome colour when he's in the mood! Here's a quick shot of him eating.
  4. CCG

    where to submit contest photo's?

    Please let me know!
  5. CCG

    Potential problem with newly aquired Nosey Be

    So I have had my new cham for 2 days and so far he's be acting and eating quite healthy but I recently witnessed him almost yawning and to the point where it looked like he was going to throw up. So I just turned my mister on and he seemed to calm down...I had also just shut off the heat and...
  6. CCG

    Nosey Be with red dots on throat area

    Hey so I was just quickly wondering if red spots in certain area's of my nosey be is common or possibly has some faly in it? I'll get pics ASAP.
  7. CCG

    Silkworms. What to feed them and what to feed them in?

    So I'm going to pick up silk worms today, I have KK's or rubbermaids to keep them in but what should I be feeding the silkies and what do they need in their tub?
  8. CCG

    Mr. Mojo's enclosure!

    So I've been posting about my new Nosey Be, who I've named Mr. Mojo, I took a quick shot of my enclosure any tips? It includes: exo Jungle vine, bamboo stick across cage, 1 umbrella plant, 1 fake exo ficus. It also has a habba mist (going to get a mist king for his next enclosure but it works...
  9. CCG

    Supplementation schedule

    Just quickly wondering I have rep cal calcium with vit d3 is this all i need and how often?
  10. CCG

    New Nosey Be update new pic!

    Hey so I was talking about my new pick up briefly last night well I managed a better look at (him) today as I believe he is male due to the slight lump by his tail. anyway here is a bit better of a pic.
  11. CCG

    New here new cham! Sexing help!

    So let me introduce myself to the forum. I am Ben Owner and operator of Custom crested gecko, located in halton hills ontario, we specialize in high end rhacodactylus breeding! But..........I've always wanted a I got one. It a beautiful 3 month old Nosey Be panther...
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