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  1. farrahsc

    Usambara Pitted Pygmy Chameleons

    I have 2 male Usambara Pitted Pygmy Chameleons I'm looking to sell or trade. Both are eating and drinking great, have been treated with panacure and have been in my care for over a month. I'm willing to sell or trade them. Just PM me with any questions or offers.
  2. farrahsc

    Growth of a female Veiled

    Hey guys I've been charting the growth of my female Veiled "Cali" and thought I would share it with you. It may help some with aging but I can't guarantee anything lol. It will also show how fast they grown and how important it is to have the right cage size. All measurements are from the tip of...
  3. farrahsc

    Meller's Coloring

    I looked on but didn't see a cham showing the colors mine is. He/she is brown with orange stripes. This is one of the rescue chams that is dehydrated. I'm just wondering what the color means.
  4. farrahsc

    My gift from Laurie

    This little guy came to me last Thursday and I've just been too busy to show him off! He is adorable and has an amazing personality. He was hatched on 10/6/2010. His name is Camden. He will be Cali's bf one day lol. Thank you Laurie!!!!
  5. farrahsc

    Expo Trip *Rescues*

    This is what I came back with from the expo in OH. They are all rescues in my opinion. I also bought 2 24x24x48 screened cages for $75 and 600 crickets lol. Oh and a female Graceful who is healthy as can be to go with my male. I will post each ones story with the pics below. If you see anything...
  6. farrahsc

    How Fast They Grow!

    I was looking through my pictures tonight and couldn't believe the difference in Cali my female Veiled! Cali 11/29/2010 3 months old Cali 02/02/2011 6 months old
  7. farrahsc


    Any thoughts on these? I'm going to be buying a few more cages and I was wondering how these hold up. They are very inexpensive!
  8. farrahsc


    Ok guys can anyone tell me anything about them? This is the one common animal I have never held and am actually a bit afraid of. Do they bite often? Are they aggressive? What is their care like? I'm totally loving the Cobalt Blue ones.
  9. farrahsc

    Graceful Care Sheet

    Does anyone know of a good care sheet for a Graceful Chameleon? The only one I've found talks about keeping them in a 30 gallon tank lol.
  10. farrahsc

    Jackson's Enclosure Pictures?

    Can anyone show me some pictures of your Jackson's set up? I'm trying to get a good idea of what I should do. I want to have everything set up before he arrives. I already have his 5.0 UVB and hood, 1 fake vine, 1 fake pothos vine, 2 real umbrella plants, several branches my mom gathered for...
  11. farrahsc

    Anyway to make him poop?

    My poor little senegal is going to the vet tomorrow for a fecal and to check out his tongue. He pooped today in my hand and before I thought I grabbed a paper towel and wiped it off. Is there anyway I can get him to poop again in the next 20 hours lol? I have fed him his baby food/medicine...
  12. farrahsc

    I'm a horrible Cham mommy :(

    I've really debated on posting this but my hope is maybe one day it will help someone else. My WC Senegal juvenile that hasn't been acclimating very well had a major accident night before last. He has only eaten 6 crickets in the 2 weeks he has been with me and even with misting 4 times a...
  13. farrahsc

    2 boys right?

    I finally got my Bearded Pygmy Chams last week and I'm pretty sure they are both male from reading the sexing Pygmay's 101. I ordered them online and they were suppose to be one male and one female. They are housed together in this set up HERE, but with more branches added to it.
  14. farrahsc

    4 Section Enclosure Help

    I'm wanting to build a large 4 section Chameleon enclosure this spring and I was just looking for some help. My idea is to create basically 4 18x18x36 size screened enclosures and put them together. So the first cage would be open on 3 sides, the second and third open on 2 and the last open on...
  15. farrahsc

    Tortoise question

    I saw a tortoise at the reptiles expo that was a chinese, or asian or something like that lol, it was black with some bright yellow on it. Any ideas? I wanted to look up the care on it but can't seem to find any pics of the one I saw. Thanks!
  16. farrahsc

    Something to read...WC

    I just read this story about wild caught chameleons and I thought it was well worth sharing. If you or are thinking about getting a WC please read it. It will break your heart :( You can read it HERE "I urge everyone to provide the benefit of veterinary care to all chameleons, and to give...
  17. farrahsc

    My new chams & questions

    Hey guys! I went to the reptile expo in Columbus OH this weekend and picked up two new chams! The first I am told is a graceful and the second a senegal. Now they are both wild caught and were showing some orange/yellow in their urate so I've given them both showers and lots of extra mistings. I...
  18. farrahsc

    Taveta Dwarf Fischer's Chameleons

    Does anyone have any info on these guys like set up, ect..? I'm not finding anything even a care sheet for them. Thanks guys!
  19. farrahsc

    Pygmy Chameleons

    I was just curious if anyone had any Pygmy Chameleons they were looking to re-home? I'm interested in 2 females and a male preferably CB. I have their set up ready to go I just need to find some little guys to put in it :) Thanks so much! Farrah USA ~ Zip code 25303
  20. farrahsc

    What am I missing?

    SO I went and got some things to set up a pygmay inclosure and I just wanted to know what else I will need. After reading everything about on them on here I am totally hooked and hoping to get some at the reptile show in Jan in OH. I have: Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium- 12x12x18 Zoo Med...
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