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    Reptiles recognize people?

    I do think our 2 iguanas recognize us as providers of food. When we are near their cage they sometimes get active as though "feed me!" I have had them anxiously alerted to a veggie bag mix we use. They are appx. 4 ft. I had them out in the yard one day and they came running to me when they saw...
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    Impulsive hubby at it again!!! A Fisher...

    Okay, we were lucky to be successful with the Senegal Chameleon, our first. Hubby and son came home with a Fisher. Does anyone have any advice on Fishers that would be different than raising a Senegal? The lady at the pet store told them it could probably be successfully housed with the...
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    I thought this was very interesting.
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    Crazy but gotta breeding

    I am paranoid about using a heating pad to hatch them for possible safety reasons. I am wondering if the garage is too hot what about the indoor laundry room and putting the aquarium on the dryer? Would that provide the neccessary environment?
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    Cricket farmers where do you keep them?

    I am wondering if the garage is too hot for them. I live in Texas. Thanks.
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    Humidity and pebbles?

    I have seen pebbles used in Terrariums. I believe it is to help with humidity. Do you guys use them in your set ups? I wonder if it would be of assistance to breeding crickets.
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    Need homemade 1/2 gal Feeder container instruction

    I think someone had made it on this site with screen.???
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    Is this a Senegal chameleon?

    I have heard sometimes pet stores will call them Senegals but they are not? Thanks.
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    Bug nutrition charts

    Anyone know of any good charts to use for comparison?
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    I have a Senegal Cham, hedgehogs, Beardie, and Sugar Gliders that eat crickets and mealies. I farm my own mealies. The bedding is baby cereal, wheat germ and oats. I started it my self because of my Sugar gliders. I have some questions. Are aflatoxins a concern with Chams or reptiles? I have no...
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    Problems raising crickets

    We are attempting our third try. We are using an aquarium. Is that okay? The first time I noticed a very peculiar bug all in the tank. The second time they just continued to die. I fed them broccoli which I have seen listed. Both times we used top soil. Any tips on raising crickets?
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    Still confused newbie, plants/drainage/hum

    I was told live plants are better. I guess because of the humidity.? I have a ficus that is yellowing and dropping leaves. Perhaps too much water from the daily mistings and drip.? Or just stress from being moved and trimmed to fit cage.? Or both.? Any ideas? I also have appx. 13 other...
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    Newbie questions

    I'm completely new to chameleons and at that I have a Senegal. Well he seems to be coming along now. I am wondering about the misting. He doesn't seem to like it. Presently I am doing it 3 times a day and giving him fresh drip as well. 1-How much misting is necessary? 2-Do you have to spray...
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    Impulsive hubby brought home a Senegal...

    need immediate help. I am trying to set it up appropriately and have googled what seems to be minimal info on Senegals specifically. I also read chamelions are difficult in general with Senagals ranking at the top. So I definitely need help here. NO bashing just sincere assistance to try to give...
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