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  1. Mikew2006

    Is he looking healthy?

    Ive just been away on hol in ayia napa for 2wks and my girlfriends mate stayed at our house and looked after the cat and cham. i said ok to it as her friends brother has a cham. come back and there was so much poo , at least 20 of them (most had white as well but some had orange pee) and...
  2. Mikew2006

    Eric - sharp shooter

    Thought its time for another eating pic/gif. He is coming along nicely now and bigger than what nemo was at 8 months...eric is only 3 1/2 months! bout 5 inches snout to vent. Hope you like:D
  3. Mikew2006

    Eric in the sun

    First break of sunshine here in weeks here in the uk, so thought id let eric have his share. first pic he is about 3-4 weeks old. hes nearly 2 months old now and hasnt hissed at me once! Trying to show his stripes :D
  4. Mikew2006

    Pic of my new cham - Eric

    Already busy chasing crickets and exploring!
  5. Mikew2006

    Getting another cham on friday

    After taken nemo to the vets to be put down, i visited the shop i had bought her from and was intending to get a bearded dragon. instead, they had just got 2 male veils in 10am this morning. One is slightly bigger than the other, the smaller one was chasing the crickets at a speed i never...
  6. Mikew2006

    Nemos off to the vets, wont be returning this time :(

    Sadly, it is time for her to be put down. she never recovered from the bad arm she had, had xrays done and no breaks or gout crystals. always had gutloaded crickets, good humidity and kept my husbandry standards high. her grabbing of her limbs/tail resulted in puncturing her tail and...
  7. Mikew2006

    Spinach ok to use?

    Ive grown my own spinach in my greenhouse and read its a good source of iron, calcium and a source of vit A. haven't used any pesticides on it and used organic compost so its as nature intended. can i feed it to my cham? actually, dont worry about it. ive just done a search and found...
  8. Mikew2006

    suspected broken arm/maybe nerve damage?

    heres the story... Nemo, a female veiled i got last xmas who was 1 month old. she is now around 5 months old. i got her a ficus tree 3 weeks ago and washed off any chems/pesticides and trimmed to fit the enclosure. She was cautious for the first day but soon got on with exploring her new...
  9. Mikew2006

    Updated pics of nemo 3 mths

    Got through the early sleeping prob, I added a third misting during the day and we had a bit of a cold snap here in the uk recently so timed my central heating to come on sooner and more naps! phew. introduced her to mealworms recently (only the small ones) she loves em...
  10. Mikew2006

    Altogether now...awwww

    picture removed for the safety of other chams ;) i realise it wasnt the best thing to do now and may give others and new people the wrong impression about handling.
  11. Mikew2006

    Spot the chameleon

    think its around 1.26. Beware, if easily offended as some images are a bit disturbing. Wish i had this persons talent with movie editing software
  12. Mikew2006

    Fun with gif files

    if i had done it with the video cam on my phone it would have looked terrible, used bestpic and then made the gif :D
  13. Mikew2006

    which sticks are safe?

    I know plants have been covered many times, but what about sticks? i was thinking of adding a few more routes for nemo. what trees/bushes could i use? which ones to stay away from? obviously, id give it a good clean first
  14. Mikew2006

    Pics of nemo

    I cant relly notice her getting bigger, friends and family do cuz they dont see her all the time. shes nearly 2 months old now. thought id have a blast with the macro on my cam phone, im surprised with the results! what d'ya think?:D
  15. Mikew2006

    looking good?

    I hope its just part up her growing up but nemo is showing some crazy colours, mostly when stressed/scared as i approach her to take her out, she seems ok when shes on my finger/hand after shes out. BTW she hasnt shed yet and had her for a week 1/2 and shes about 1 1/2 months old. sometimes...
  16. Mikew2006

    Girlfriend got me a veiled cham for xmas

    Hi, just joined up, names mike. My girlfriend gave me the biggest surprise ever when we visited her parents and Nemo (the name I gave her) was waiting in her tank for me, She is 1 month old. Got all the gear...uvb light, basking light 150w which is 6in from the nearest branch and the...
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