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  1. MaggiesMum

    Feeding bowls

    Hi everyone, My chameleon Maggie is responding really well to me feeding her from a bowl (which is attached to the side of the viv with suction cups) The only issue is that the only ones I could get hold of are see through... and this means that she sometimes tries to catch the bugs from...
  2. MaggiesMum


    Hey guys, I’m getting conflicting advice, and can find stuff on the internet to support both POV I am in the UK, I have a glass viv with a mesh top. The UV light sits on top of the mesh. My question is.... 6% or 12% at this point I have both bulbs I just want to know which one. Btw, 4...
  3. MaggiesMum

    Is my chameleon too skinny?

    Hey everyone, I’ve had Maggie since 23rd December. She has been very tricky to get to eat... cup feeding and hand feeding is not acceptable to her. I am a first time chameleon owner, and unfortunately do not know anyone with one. She is *about* 3 months old, and was no skinnier than this at the...
  4. MaggiesMum


    Hi everyone... I really like the idea of a Passion flower for my veiled chameleons enclosure. I am in the UK and cannot find an organic one anywhere - or one on any reptile supply website. If I bought one from the garden centre, would that be ok to use? Or would I need to do anything to prepare...
  5. MaggiesMum

    What age is my chameleon?

    Hi, this is my first chameleon, Maggie. She is a veiled chameleon, but I don’t know how old she is (other than young!) can anyone tell me? Also, the pet shop thought she was female... just wondering if anyone can confirm?
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