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    the quad family

    my quads the male ,he's a litle tame al is good and al is fine :lol: :lol: female 1 , she the mean one, she will run or bite you if she can :D:D female 2 , the youngest of the group a pleasent litle girl :)
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    the jackson tree

    funny no ?
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    the rudis gang

    the male the females they are lovely no ?
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    new record ?

    yesterday around 10 in the morning my jack xantolophus female started to give birth ,not so special you would say butt around 6 in the evening she was stil giving birth so i started to worry . as a result i have i think 58 babies could be 57 or 59 i lost track , good news yes butt my female...
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    guess what

    only 2 weeks after my baby jacks been born the next litter is a fact now a game to test your knowledge , what species is it ?? it looks like the baby departement in my house
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    my group of quad babies

    and now in group this was not the best fotographic mission so far grts from belgium
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    pic's of male montium (blue version)

    i really love this species
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    like father like(son)

    he gave a strange and funny look but he's the gentle dad :D:D
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    only 4 hours old

    just born and already on camera :D:D:D here's the mom and she's doiing just fine a litle tired and hungry and the father he's job was over 9 month's ago greetings from belgium :cool:
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    baby quads

    2 female quadricornis q , both female the first is about 3 months and the second one 2 months , the male didn't want to go on foto :)
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    my new montiums

    nice sub adult animals (trio montium)
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    my collection (till now)part 3

    now my jacks , the adults are again first generation and the young ones are second generation their ofspring 1 day old and now my latest , quad youngsters these are bred by a friend of mine so thats that i'm expecting more quads soon and...
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    my collection (till now) part 2

    now the hoehnelli's i bred them myself first picture's 1 litter then the next picture's 1.5 years later and pregnant of the second generation now the male , he is import (new blood in the line's)
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    my collection (till now)

    sternfeldi's now my deremensis 1.2 and their youngsters
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    question for sternfeldi experts

    can i breed with these 2 chams ? the problem : is it so that you can mix al sternfeldi's or dous it depend of the region they come from ? the female the male go for it i'm curieus
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    new borns

    29 healthy babies , finelly after 8 months
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    my al time favourites

    and now the ofspring you see why they are my al time favourites , the are so ... beautyfull
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    my rudis female

    she's pregnant to , i dont have any pic's of the male butt i'm working on it
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    the jackson 's

    lookie lookie , the hole familie
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    the hoehnelli gang

    lovely animals , both females are pregnant by the way
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