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    Georgia Reptile Expo,Atlanta,GA

    Is anyone going to the show in November?
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    Is this to much

    I give my female veil 5 meal worms in the morning and around 5pm I give her about 10 crickets. Am I over feeding her, is about 4 to 5mo?
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    Esu Black Screen Cages

    I found a great deal on a Eus black screen cage 30Lx18Wx30H for $45. Will this cage work for a female veiled?
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    Cleaning ?

    What do most of you use to clean the feces off the leaves of your plants.
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    Are there any magazines devoted just to Chameleons?
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    supplementing/vitamin schedules.

    Hi Im new to the forum and a pride owner of a 4mo female Veiled Chameleon. I was wondering if some one could share thier supplementing and feeding schedule.
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