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    Sick Cham.

    I Found Him W/ His Mouth Wide Open. His Kneck Is Swollen underneath. He let his toungue hang out quite a big but sucked it back up. Does anyone know about the swollen kneck b/c that seems very seriouse. P.S. His stoamch seemed bloaded and stiff...
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    Branch Off From The Indoors

    I Remember Hearing How To Treat Your Branches & Bamboo You Find From Outdoors So Its Safe Before Putting It In The Cage. I Just Don't Remember Exactly What It Said To Do, If Anyone Knows Help A Chameleon Out:D . She's In Need Of Some More Climbing Gear
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    Raising Silkworms!

    What Type Of Container Do I Use. & A List Of Supplies Needed. I Think I'm About To Order Some Silkworms. Any Website Suggestions? Also Where I Can Get Some Prayin Mantis.. Thanks, Kenny D
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    Nose Rub!

    I noticed something on this but couldnt find the thread. My Cham recently developed what looks like raw skin around the nose from rubbing. I Think this was caused by leaving something she could see too close to the cage and she tried to get it through the screen. How is this treated?
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    Flying Food.

    I Been Catching Moth's. Are All Moths Okay For Chams? How Do You Keep Moths...What Type Of Container &food for them?
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    Spray Em!

    I've Been Misting My 4-5 Month Old Female Veiled Mega About 3 Times A Day. Been Doing this for the past 4 days. I wasnt doing this before and have noticed slight things that appear to be indications of better health. Should I Be Putting Additives In The Water I Mist With? I had a waterfall...
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    Meal Worms...Breeding?

    What Types Of Enviornments & Containers Do You Use When Raising & Holding Bugs. I Buy Things Of Mealworms & Could Use Information On Mass Producing These Babies! I Did Notice Some Worms That Spent A While In Cage Started Becomming Very Plump And I Guess Evolving. I've Also Noticed Beatles Before...
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