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  1. Candybugs

    Seymores lipstick job.

  2. Candybugs

    Sneaky Seymore

    Every morning Seymores salad dish. Is empty. I think he sleep eats. Lol
  3. Candybugs

    Pic of 3rd eye on my dragon

    I was blown away to hear of the third eye on chameleons heads and I had just took a pic of the back of my bearded dragons head so I triple cropped it and there it was. The 3 Rd eye !!! I haven't looked at Seymores head yet that's my veiled chameleon. Really cool.
  4. Candybugs

    I need a home really bad.

  5. Candybugs

    Seymore s flood

    I got the reptarium prepared and my supplies together I figured out a strategy that nobody should get bit. What I didn't plan for is my roommate bar b Qing next to the reptarium I can't take Seymore out there he'll think he's gonna be dinner. By midnight his house and flood will be under control...
  6. Candybugs

    Gold Tegu at pet store

    This is a Gold Tegu he's at a pet store .This level of lizard should not be at a pet store I feel. His enclosure is way too small and all the people and traffic is too much. I'm so sad for him. It's like setting him up for the worst. And even with the basic info given at the time of his purchase...
  7. Candybugs

    Stupid dripper

    Today's the day Seymore has to come out of his house the dripper flooded his floor because the vines got moved . I hate that.
  8. Candybugs

    Introducing Seymore

    New to forum . This is my Seymore he's a 9 Mo veiled
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