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  1. lazyhousewife


    reply from petsmart they still want me come be a customer but to leave reptiles alone....... DUH thats the area I maily shop in...... like thats truely gonna happen in the next news media headlines crazy southern bama chick banned from petsmart that will be me..... becca
  2. lazyhousewife


    I know this might kinda sound weird but we've all heard about the pedia light to help keep our precious babes hydrated well have found a good way to get around this drama for them and us. If your like me and hate to half to make them try to open there mouth if you have found yourself in this...
  3. lazyhousewife

    Attitude problem!

    I have a female named Heidi who sometimes does the same but I have had her since she was a baby. We have moved her into her own private room sun room, she does from time to time hiss but I sing her song she calms down comes to me and off we go to play on the bed, or in her favorite silk tree so...
  4. lazyhousewife


    sorry was very mad ranting kinda hard to control temp and grammer at same time. lol southern red head thang momma always told me I had a bad temp. Plus living in the south common gimmie me some love.....Hubby had to hold me back when she told me they do most of there activities during the night...
  5. lazyhousewife


    went to PetSmart to get stuff for my crazy zoo and you know as well as i do you cant help but check out the reptile section to my surprize they had 2 jackson chams 1 male 3 horn and a female her coloring was way off and she was well you can tell she was sickly. Can you beleive they had them in...
  6. lazyhousewife

    reptariums - good or bad?

    new to having veiled chams received 2 gorgeous girls jan. 1st so far so good they are still alive so i must be doing something good for a newbie :rolleyes: thanks so much for all the input have read all the posts trying to get the perfect homes for my babies. on the retariums i have a huge...
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