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  1. littlevillage

    laying eggs

    Ok, someone refresh my memory. I no longer have a female so it's not something that I've had to worry about.....What is the best substrate & how deep for a female veiled to lay eggs in & how big does the container have to be? We have a female at work that is acting like she wants to lay infertil...
  2. littlevillage

    RIP Rocky

    I'm not on here often, more to read than post. But a little over a year ago some of you might recall a post about me adopting a veiled with severe MBD. I was told by some ( not on the forum ) not to waste my time because he was going to die soon anyway. Well, Rocky passed away today. I would...
  3. littlevillage

    what age?

    At what age do veileds stop growing? Sorry duplicate
  4. littlevillage

    done growing?

    At what age does a veiled stop growing?
  5. littlevillage

    Hammy aka Ham Bone

    Well, I've had Hammy a year now, and what a joy he his. My insticts were right when I seen him at the pet store a year ago when he was just a tiny baby. I said he would be a friendly one & no one believed me. Boy...were they all wrong! By the way, that's him in my avatar when I first brought...
  6. littlevillage


    I would just like you all to know that I've learned a lot on this site since getting my first chameleon. I work in a pet store who sells chameleons & pass on all the knowledge to those who are interested in buying a cham. I also recommend that they visit this web site because I'm always afriad...
  7. littlevillage

    White Plains show :(

    Well, today was the day. I was going to the White Plains reptile show. I got up early ( it's a 3hr drive ) & was so excited. This was going to be my first time going to a show this big. Well....about 1 1/2 hours into the drive, my day went to hell in a hand basket! I was in a 4 car pile up on an...
  8. littlevillage

    Possibly free ranging a veiled

    I would like to free range my veiled Hammie when my animal room is done being built, but I don't know if I can. Along with 2 other veileds ( a male & a female who I don't want to free range ) there will also be 2 leopard geckos, a water dragon, a tank with a cuban tree frog, and possibly a...
  9. littlevillage

    Female cham colors

    There is a female veiled at work that has recently changed colors. We have had her since June. I'm not sure of her exact age. I'm guessing around 7 months. Anyway, she has always been brown. Now all of a sudden she is showing a lot of green. Could this possibly mean that she's gravid with...
  10. littlevillage

    White Plains show

    Has anyone ever been to the White Plains show in NY? I believed it's the biggest one in my area & it's still 3 hours away. I plan going on the 30th & I'm very excited.
  11. littlevillage

    Where do you keep all your animals?

    I'm just curious where everyone keeps there animals. I personally have a small zoo & there is animals everywhere! Where should I about the dining room....1 veiled cham, 1 baby water dragon, 1 lovebird, a mixed viv with a fire belly toad, house gecko, an anole & a green tree frog...
  12. littlevillage

    Please respond, I'm worried

    It's been lights out for the chams for about an hour or more. Henry (male veiled ) was actually sleeping before hand. Now he's in ther hissing & gaping like mad. He's never even been much of a hisser. I've never even seen him open his mouth so wide! Why would he be doing this now? He's been...
  13. littlevillage

    An updated pic of Hammie

    He's still as sweet as ever!
  14. littlevillage

    Just have to rant!

    I haven't been on in a while, but if anyone remembers I work for a pet store (not a chain store) & I adopted one of their chams that had severe mbd, Rocky. Well, I'm happy to report that Rocky is doing great. He's come a long way. When I was in the process of deciding whether or not to adopt...
  15. littlevillage

    watery eye

    My veiled cham Hammie's right eye seems to be a little watery. What would cause this? It's not swollen. It's not a secretion, just watery, like he's crying. Any ideas?
  16. littlevillage

    Veiled wants out

    My male veiled Hammie that I got in mid June all of a sudden wants out of his cage. I'm not sure exactly of his age. He was about 3 inches long when I got him in June. Hammie has never been one to hide & play shy. I have never handled any of my chams because I know they don't like it. The other...
  17. littlevillage

    superworms as a many?

    If I was to feed super worms as a staple to a veiled that's between 7 & 9 months about how many should I feed?
  18. littlevillage

    uvb bulbs

    I know that the uvb bulbs have to be changed every 6 months, but what do you do with the old ones? Is there a special way that they have to be disposed of? Does anyone reuse them in another fixture in their house? I don't have any fixtures for this, but I was curious.
  19. littlevillage

    Good news!

    Rocky, my newly adopted veiled with a serious case of mbd, climbed to the top of his cage this morning! I'm so happy & excited for him that I just want to cry. :) I went into the other room to check on him, and as usual I looked on the floor of the cage for him, I couldn't find him. I was about...
  20. littlevillage

    red eye crocodile skinks

    I have a pair of red eye crocodile skinks that I'm looking to sell. I'm asking $150.00 for the pair, but that may be negotiable. I would love to keep them but I'm running out of room. Cage here, cage there, cages everywhere! I have never shipped an animal, but am willing to do so with some...
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