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  1. Member Album by Chamtrainer704

    Member Album by Chamtrainer704

  2. Klaus


    7 month old Nosy be, first panther chameleon
  3. Heading for his free range spot

    Heading for his free range spot

  4. He's a curious little guy

    He's a curious little guy

  5. C

    First Panther

    Good simple design, in the process of setting him up in a safer location with more space, how do you like your cage?
  6. C

    First Panther

    I really do think I just got lucky with Yoda, I adopted him from a friend when he was 4 being my first chameleon. He's lived in all sorts of environments a shower, free range, a plant in a car, on summers on my porch you name it he's been there past few years he's been in a large bird cage...
  7. C

    First Panther

    Thanks for the advice! moving the light up and going ahead and adding a live plant, the water dish I dump out every day is just there to help catch some excess water but I'll trash it anyway.
  8. C

    First Panther

    Pics Pics didn't attach to first message
  9. C

    First Panther

    Hey this little guy is my first panther, I do have a 10 yr old veiled who is on his way out but feel a little inexperienced just due to new species. I would love some feed back on his current enclosure as well as some hints for size and favorite plants for when I build the larger enclosure...
  10. 6 months old

    6 months old

  11. Baskin


  12. Opinions of set up?

    Opinions of set up?

  13. Full set up with free range when I'm around

    Full set up with free range when I'm around

  14. Klaus


    My first Panther nosy be blue
  15. Passed out

    Passed out

  16. Strike!


  17. Action shots via dartfish

    Action shots via dartfish

  18. Yoda


    Few pics of hue old man he's 10 this year some old photos some new
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