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    Our Corn Snakes... (pics)

    Aside from our Veiled, we also have 2 corn snakes in the house... Thought id share a few photos. (Click the images for larger views) Any other corn snake owners here? ~Beth~
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    New to the forums...

    Just wanted to stop and say hello. Ive been reading here for months getting all the info needed for the Veiled we got my son for xmas. Ive had a cham in the past many many years ago - and wish I had so much info back then, amazing thing the Internet! Anyway thanks to all of you that I have...
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    Dracaena deremensis 'Janet Craig'

    I have a plant store in the complex where I work, I went over during lunch with my list of plants to see what they had that might be suitable for my cham enclosure. While they didn't have any of the Dracaena listed on the "plants page" they do have Dracaena 'Janet Craig' anyone here think...
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