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    Hi Heika, I use the following timer with my humidifier and uv light: I have the single and dual setup, each click setting is a 15 minute run time. Hope this helps. Rick
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    thanks Brad.. FateX - i use a regular humidifier and we have dry heat here year around in the desert, it keeps it around 45-67% depending on how long I run it. Hope this helps... Rick
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    One thing I have learned... A pool cleaning hose works well for plugging into the humidifier and is flexible.
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    Hi Brad, I saw you pic on the humidifier. Can you please take closer pic of the bottom of your cage. I like how you did the grate and want to steal your idea. Thanks, Rick
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    my dog

    I have all of you beat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding....
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    WER Gutload

    Just ordered 5 pounds today.. Thanks Jason!!! Rick
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    New Contest Phase?

    I agree with ChameleonTree - Sponsors should be offered the opportunity to be the judge(s).. IMHO, there should be a cap on the number of entries and you can not vote for yourself or not permitted to vote..
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    New 1st Place prize

    too funny :D
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    My spot.

    Pretty cool pic. :D
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    Favorite indoor plant for chameleons

    Very interesting.. I always thought Jasmine was poisonous. It does have a milky substance when you cut it. I do know that the night blooming and star Jasmine will make you sick. It made my dog real sick…. I guess better safe...
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    Favorite indoor plant for chameleons

    Tough poll... I have Ficus and Hisbiscus. The Ficus is strong but....looses lots of leafs each day.
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    I use room temperature water. My panther seems to like it, he will stand on his hind legs and do a dance. weird...:rolleyes:
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    USPS no longer a shipping option?

    I had the same problem recently. The vendor said it was because of my zip code and I would have to use UPS or Fedex.
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    Silk Worms

    Will Hayward, Where did you order your silk worms from? Thanks, Rick
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    Just for Fun

    Pretty cool. almost gave up... :eek:
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    Do we have to use the Java tool or can I join using mirc?
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    Silk Worms

    Thank you All!!! you all are great!!! :)
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    Silk Worms

    Thanks for the input... My silk worms are small right now. About 1/2 inch. This is the first time I have ordered silk worms. I still have lots to learn.
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    Silk Worms

    What is the best way to feed a 1 year old cham silk worms? Do I let them roam arount or use a feeder dish? I let cricket's and hawthorn's roam around but the silks aren't as big. Thanks for any input. Rick
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    New cage is finally here!

    Heika, I really like the custom cage. :) Now that you have it, how do you clean the bottom of the cage? Do you remove the cage to get to the drip pan or simply wipe it off as needed? Thanks, Rick
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