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  1. ChamDuke

    Nosy Be Male from Kammerflage - NJ . . will also ship

    Hey guys, unfortunately I am moving into an apartment where I can't have pets or insects just hanging around so I am selling my panther chameleon. -He is a very healthy 10 month old (born in Oct. 2010) from Kammerflage Kreations Inc. (very popular & reputable chameleon breeder). -Sire is...
  2. ChamDuke

    Cricket Crack?

    Does anyone use cricket crack from tiki tiki reptiles to gut-load their crickets? If you do how well does it work and how do you feel about it? Even if you don't use it what are your thoughts on it? I also was wondering how much to use when supplementing. I have miner-all (phosphorus-free...
  3. ChamDuke

    Water for Misters

    Hey all, I was just wondering if bottled spring water like Poland Springs or something similar was considered the best type of water to use? Because I know to lengthen the life of your mister you should use distilled water or water that has been through reverse osmosis (RO) and I THINK this...
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