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    Tanzanian Cham

    Thanks for the response. The photos are not the best because they were taken by my father. Here are a few more.
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    Tanzanian Cham

    Here's a picture of a wild cham in Tanzania. Anyone know the species? Alex
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    Eye problem

    Chrissy, mine didn't like the misting in the eye, but he didn't have no choice. Mist him for at least 5 minutes continuously and if it's the same problem mine had, it will come right off and his eye will be perfect.
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    Eye problem

    To me it looked terrible as well, got really scared and feared for the worse (lost eye) but I guess the vet was right and it was just the remains of dead skin that fell right off whith the water. I have the cham in the green house right now, so he will have tons of humidity inside. He is...
  5. Spiny back

    Spiny back

    Blue Ambanja male after misting
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    Eye problem

    This morning I woke up to find my cham with a piece of skin attached to his eye. This looked to me like an infection or something, and knowing eyes can be lost in no time if the infection gets into the eye I called the vet immediately. Before I could even take a photo of the eye I was told by...
  7. 9 month old BB Ambanja

    9 month old BB Ambanja

  8. Coco on hand at 9months

    Coco on hand at 9months

  9. BB Ambanja at 9 months

    BB Ambanja at 9 months

  10. Coco at 9 months 1/8/06

    Coco at 9 months 1/8/06

  11. Coco at 9 months on 1/8/06

    Coco at 9 months on 1/8/06

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    First Chameleon

    I also have a BB ambanja and have been taking photos every month to follow the coloration changes. If your cham is getting the colors in the same time period as mine, then he must be around 7 months. Mine just turned 7 months so no idea how he will lood from now on. You can see the...
  13. Coco on Hand

    Coco on Hand

    Coco at 7 months (11/15/2005)
  14. Coco Wall Climbing

    Coco Wall Climbing

    7 month old BB ambanja not cooperating for the photoshoot
  15. 7 Month Ambanja

    7 Month Ambanja

    Coco on my hand
  16. Morning Sun

    Morning Sun

    7 Month old BB Ambanja
  17. BB Ambanja Scales

    BB Ambanja Scales

    Belly scales of a 7 month BB Ambanja
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    Does anyone have problems feeding superworms to their chams? My almost 7 month old Panther does't really like them, unless he's pretty hungry. Crickets and grasshoppers he can't get enough. I try to supply a varied diet, mostly doing lots of field net sweeping and keeping crickets and...
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    October '05 Photo Contest

    Chamgirl, I took the photo and it's not blured. It's called depth of field and it's a way to play with the images in photography. In macro photographs depth of field is very limited and that's why the whole body of the chameleon is blured, but if you take a close look at the head, it's perfectly...
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    October '05 Photo Contest

    I can't believe that 110 people have visited the photo contest thread and only 4 people have voted. And if we take into account that many of the votes come from the photographers, it just makes things worse. Com' on, it doesn't take an hour to vote, so while your'e viewing the pictures, it...
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