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    Almost got them set up completely

    Need a couple more live plants and we will be good to go
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    Let’s see your chameleon or chameleons

    Post your pictures below
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    New chameleon what a beaut

    Got my new chameleon this morning and wow he is showing good color can’t wait to see him when he gets comfortable with the new change.
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    Anyone here have a dubia culture

    I am looking to start a dubia culture, what are some tips and tricks to have the best success and just some general ideas! Also if anyone has some dubias I can buy to start a culture let me know
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    Red twig dog wood!!!

    Is dead red twig dogwood okay to put in my chameleon cage
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    Dowel rods

    Is it safe to use dowel rods from home depot for extra climbing?
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    Has anyone here bought Cham from cbreptile

    I am hesitant on buying a panther cham from cbreptile not sure if it will be worth it they have decent deals and availability that is the only reason I am thinking about it. Please let me know what you all think
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    Got the new cage finished finally!

    Took a couple weeks to get it all together but she is finally done and ready for the new Cham.
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    Has anyone used red cap great stuff for background

    I was building new Cham enclosure and I got to the foam and had it all foamed and cut was looking great and then I put on some silicone and put some coconut fiber and moss on. Came back the next day to look at it and it was shrunk from the sides of the wall like 1-2 in all around. Idk if I did...
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