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    Sunken Eye

    I live in Buffalo, NY. He's been in this spot for almost a year and is doing great accept for his sunken eye. There is plenty of palces to hide out in the cage. Sorry I don't have a pic to show you. Please check this past post for photos of his cage...
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    Sunken Eye

    His cage is in the corner of our study with windows on both sides.
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    Sunken Eye

    I would have a hard time getting him to the vet becuase he doesn't like to be held. Should I try rinsing his eye with saline? Would it hurt him if I try the reptaid?
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    Sunken Eye

    The supplements that I use are Herptivite, Repcal with D3 and Miner-All-O. I have a 75 whatt basking light and 2, 24 inch ReptiSun 5.0 bulbs. I give the Repcal with D3 and Miner-All-O twice a month. I give Herptivite every feeding which is every other day during the week. I don't give a...
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    Sunken Eye

    Hi Everyone, I have a 2 year old, Male Panter Chameleon and as I was feeding hime today I noticed his one eye was sunken in. As I moved my hand closer to him on the sunken eye side he didn't even notice my hand, like he is blind in this eye. The eye looks glazed over. His other eye is fine...
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    Charlie's New Enclosure

    The green hose is actually rope that I bought to act like a vine. The rope is mold and bacteria resistent. I have a misti KIng system with 4 misters positioned in the back that go off throughout the day, did you notice the orange bucket?
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    Charlie's New Enclosure

    Additional Pics Additional pics
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    Charlie's New Enclosure

    Hi Everyone, It took awhile but Charlie's new enclosure is done. Its 3 feet wide by 4 feet high by 2 feet deep. Let me know what you think!
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    Rope vs. Vines

    Hi Everyone, In my current setup I have fake vines and they are showing some wear/tear. I was looking around in the woods behind my house and couldn't really find any vines. Has anyone ever tried utilizing rope for vines? If so, what type of rope? Thanks
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    Safe Plant?

    Hi, Does anyone know if Cat Palm - Chamaedorea cataractarum - is a safe plant for a panther chameleon? Thanks
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    Plant for new cage

    Hi Everyone, I have a panther chameleon and finishing up his new cage. I've been reading mix reviews on the plant false aralia. Thinking about getting one for my cage. Any thoughts? Recommendations?
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    Aluminum Screen for Cage

    Hi Everyone, Finishing up the cage I'm building for my chameleon and I'm going to enclose it with aluminum screen, same stuff on windows and door. I didn't want fiberglass because of crickets eating through it and heat lamps burning through it. My only problem is the aluminum screen size...
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    Building an enclosure

    Hi Everyone, Buidling an enclosure for my 1 year old Panther Chameleon and I got two questions: 1) What type of screen should I use to enclose it? I've been reading a bunch of post and I want to make sure I get it right. I don't want to get too small of a screen and take the chance of my...
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    Question about feeding?

    Should I give the Rep-Cal Calcium with D3 once a week, Mineral-All (0) once every other week and the Herptivite twice a week? Also, should I give the Rep-Cal Calcium without D3 once a week when I'm not giving Calcium withD3?
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    Question about feeding?

    I give Charlie Rep-Cal Calcium with VIT D3, Rep-Cal Herptivite and Miner-All (O).
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    Question about feeding?

    Should I reduce the quantities of crickets or feeding days? Does butterworms or superworms have the hard shell that could lead to impaction if you don't monitor your chameleon chewing the whole worm?
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    Question about feeding?

    Hi Everyone, I have a 8 month old panther Chameleon and follow the following feeding schedule: Monday: 8-10 crickets - Rep Cal Tuesday: 8-10 crickets - Herptivite Wednesday: 4 wax worms - Minerall Supp Thursday: Sames as Monday Friday: Same as Tuesday Saturday: Same as Wednesday...
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    New cage finished! And a question about lighting...

    What material di dyou use to construct your cage i.e. the frame and screen?
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    Just finished another new Cage

    What did you use for the screen to protect your little guy's feet? Did you use pet screen or aluminum?
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    Cricket Food

    I keep about 30-45 crickets in a 10 gallon tank with plenty of egg cartons to hide out in.
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