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  1. chrissy87


    I know there's a website out there that lists and shows pictures of all known Chameleon species. Does anyone have that site? :confused: I've been to it before, I just lost the link. I think it had a drop down menu of the each species name.
  2. chrissy87

    Repti 10.0 - good?

    I have the repti 10.0 for my Bearded Dragon who is currently in a 10 gal (don't worry he's a baby and moves along just fine, lol), and I bought the larger fixture and bulb so when it's time for a bigger tank I won't have to buy a bigger light as well. But here's my question, is the 10 too much...
  3. chrissy87


    From this website what do you guys think is the best are out of the selection? I'll be baseing my purchase with your guys' input. I'll be needing a new bulbs for everything! And I'm also purchasing a bearded dragon. If any of you out there are bearded owners, which would be best for them, too...
  4. chrissy87

    In need of a new guy. (:

    So my jobs been doing really well, and it looks like I have another job coming to me even better! So I thought nows the time for another chameleon that I can care for. My chameleon, Kairi, is doing so well. Even though she's a little cranky most of the time. :D But now I'm looking for a veiled...
  5. chrissy87

    Update on sick Cham.

    The Vet called this morning to let me know my Cham passed away. She cleaned her eye, and everything looked okay. Then she started an infection in her foot which got her fast. I'm really upset. For the short time I had her I really got attached. She was such a sweet thing. Now her friend, Kairi...
  6. chrissy87

    extremely worried.

    Remember my Chameleon with the swollen eye? She was climbing her vines, as my fiance and I were watching, and she fell. Just fell. She wasn't climbing, nothing. When she landed, she landed right on their rock waterfall we made for their house. I feel horrible. She hurt her tail in the process...
  7. chrissy87

    What happened?

    Last night my new Chameleon was bright green, with his bright yellow spots. now he's dark, with bright yellow spots. He doesn't seem to be moving toward the light as if he's cold, and i have a towel over the opposite side of his tank if he is. Please help? I'm worried about the little guy. :(...
  8. chrissy87

    Please Help!

    So I'm a mommy to a new Chameleon. Completely unplanned. Here's the story: The pet store I usually used for my dog's special food closed down out of the blue. just one day all boarded up, ect. Luckily I didn't run out of food for him, and decided to ask around at work to see if anyone knew...
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