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  1. Ryanlilb

    light question for my new Veild

    Hey guys, i use to have a few panthers a few years ago and now getting back into it with a Veild that is about 8 months old from a friend and wanted to know what light fixture and lights would be recommended for him. He will be in a 2x2x4 cage. I have been reading a lot of posts on the subject...
  2. Ryanlilb

    Anyone ever been to Madagascar? Pics?

    Has anyone ever been to Madagascar? And if so do you have any pics of wild chameleons from your trip? It would be interesting to see a pic thread on wild chameleons.
  3. Ryanlilb

    vitamin question

    ok can you give a panther vitamin A with d3 thats for humans? in powder form, might be a stupid question not sure lol. my friend thinks his panther has a vitamin A problem... so thought id ask....
  4. Ryanlilb

    My own rain system

    Pretty excited...I made my own rain and drainage system today... i can't wait to try it out tomorrow. I only spent 40 bucks on it all. Here are a few pics for you guys...
  5. Ryanlilb

    water flooding

    does anyone have any ideas on this. i have a dripper that drips most of the day about 1 drop per second or two. im gone most of the day. i have going into the plant. but when i come home the bottom of the cage is full of the water. any ideas on setups or how to fix would really help out. thanks
  6. Ryanlilb

    weezing panther chameleon....?

    i have a 6 month old male ambanja panther chameleon, ive had him for about a month now, he seems to sneeze or weeze alot, i looked at him closely and he has no mucus in his nose or mouth area. he drinks and eats pretty good. im pretty sure i have all my cage and lights and watering set up good...
  7. Ryanlilb

    mister, dripper, or fogger...whats your thoughts?

    let me know what you guys use to keep your guys hydrated....
  8. Ryanlilb

    angry panther...

    i have a 4 month old orbit panther male chameleon. he looks amazing, but he always hide in his cage. and then when i try to take him out he bites. any ideas on how to calm him down, i can hand feed every now and ambanja male that is 5 months old runs torwards my hand and has never...
  9. Ryanlilb

    New here... and two pics of my panthers

    here is my two panthers, the first one is a 4 month old orbit and the second one is a 5 month old mr. ambanja from eric at, he is a good friend of mine and has alot to offer in the chameleon world of panthers. let me know what you guys think. and let me know on cage lay out...
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