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  1. rlschwer

    Waiting at the vet :(

    I went to check on my girl and mist her enclosure, only to find her sitting on a branch, eyes tight shut and VERY sunken, and with extreme coloring. She opened her eyes when I picked her up, but made no move to escape and closed them right away. I'm currently sitting in my emergency vet's...
  2. rlschwer

    I'm too new to do anything ?

    Would someone PM @lele and let her know I'd like to see about her feeders? I can't seem to PM her, and I don't have privlege to either reply or post in the Chameleon Food classifieds... Thanks in advance!
  3. rlschwer


    Is Bonnie gravid? 8 month old ambilobe, never laid eggs before, never bred. I didn't see a receptive period, but maybe I just didn't notice? There is a laybin in the enclosure.
  4. rlschwer

    URI? Convulsing (sort of) and other weird behavior...

    Please forgive me for the photos of a terrified chameleon; I needed to see inside her mouth Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Gert/Gertrude is a female ambilobe panther, about 8 months old. She and her sister (separate enclosures) have been in my care for 4 months Handling - 1-3 times/week; she...
  5. rlschwer

    Finally fired up!

    My boy Kayn is normally super friendly and laid back. He won't fire up when he sees other chameleons (male or female), or when he's in front of a mirror. But the cat sneaks into the room he's climbing his tree in, and there he goes! (The cat and chameleon are never alone unsupervised, and almost...
  6. rlschwer

    Calcium supplement

    So it seems like most (if not all) calcium supplements are from either calcium carbonate or bone meal. Is there any reason not to use human-grade calcium carbonate powder?
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