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    baby veiled sickness

    The temparature stays at around 80 and humidity 60. The reptivite contains Vitamin A, D-3, E, C, and calcium. I dust the crickets every feeding and use Natural Zone Cricket Total Bites. I just purchased this one to replace the one that just recently burned out. Oh yes, the Reptisun thing is what...
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    baby veiled sickness

    I sometimes use ExoTerra sun glo, but I don't know the brand of the UV-B light. I gut-load and dust crickets with Zoo Med's Reptivite. The chams just got to the stage where they can eat mealworms. (I didn't try it yet) I can't get a vet because the closest vets are way to far. I love my chams...
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    Mating - Panther/Veiled?

    It will take 6 to 12 months to icubate the eggs. I=Make sure they are incubated between 73 degrees and 76 degrees.
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    Are branches from my back yard safe for my chams?

    Like Drake said, you should visit a vet if your chameleon starts to act up. I've got a chameleon guide and it says that branches and sticks from outside have a chance of carrying ticks or other dangerous things. But if Drake and Heika's chams are fine with their branches, then your's might be...
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    Nighttime Behaviors ...

    Your panther is probably just tired. Im pretty sure that when they are stressed the won't move around as much. My male veiled does that sometimes, so maybe your cham is just trying to find a comfy spot? Where does he usually sleep?
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    Veggies ??

    My veiled occasionally munches on some ficus leaves. Chams also eat dandilions, roses, and hibiscus. just don't pick any dandilions where pesticide or something is used!
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    Veiled Chameleon Difficulty

    Is it true that veileds are hard to take care of? Is it true that the majority of chameleons are prone to illness or disease like MBD?
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    How Many Meals?

    It depends on how old she is. If she's young, she should be fead evey day or two. It's best to feed them in the daylight cause it helps break down their food. Make sure not to over-feed her. She might be come chunky like my female veiled who passed away (rest in peace). It's always comfortable...
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    breeding troubles

    My chams were the same too. The female, Sally, kept trying to attack my male. He would just climb on top of her and mate, then I would immediately seperate them. Make sure to watch your chams when housed together; some fights can be fatal. If the female is gravid, she will enlarge, puff out her...
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    Waldo loves orchids

    It probably is safe. If your cham starts to act up, then seek help.
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    need help.

    If your chams aren't drinking you should immediately seek a vet. You can get the spray bottle and put it to the cham's mouth and squirt a little; it'll then start licking most likely. Don't do this with small chams
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    Over Exposure to UVA?

    I don't know much, but I do know over-exposure to UV-B or UV-A can cause problems. You should do a little research on chameleon lighting, just incase.
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    do i need to incubate my eggs

    You have to make sure not to roll the eggs, or the air pockets will move and the embryo will suffocate. Keep the humidity around 85 to 100, and heat 74 to 80. Make sure it does not exceed 80, for the babies will hatch malformed. Place a humidity and temperature gauge and lay some dirt or wood...
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    Cage Set up

    Maybe you shouldn't make you're cham's cage too roomy. I don't think there's anything that would harm him from having a large cage. A cham is likely to like only certain spots of the cage, and may never venture to any other part. Just make sure not to make the cage too small either.
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    baby veiled sickness

    The mother veiled layed 28 eggs in her first batch, unfortunately, only three survived. 1 died and 2 are left, both which are now sick. They are very weak, sleep at daytime, are clumsy, cannot purch on plants, and when they try to move their front legs, sometimes their arms get stiff and their...
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    baby veiled sickness

    My baby veiled is very sick, but the closest vet is to far away. Is there anything I can do to help the baby? My adult veiled had MBD and I cured it on my own. I don't want my cham to die since a mother and baby have already..:( I need help right away! the baby is very weak someone please help!
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