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    baby westie

    My husband bought me a baby westie for my birthday. He was born March 19th. I took him for his 9 weeks shot and found out he has a pda heart mumur. They get these at birth. They can operate but it is very expensive. I took him to another vet today and diagnosed him with the same thing. He said...
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    juvenile veileds.

    I have one male and 7 females left. They were hatched Nov 3rd and Nov11th. They are $40 each plus shipping and handling.Usps $25 or Ups $40. The parents came from Kammerflage Kreations. They have beautiful colors. Pictures available upon request. Please call 817 223 2015 ask for Sandy or email...
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    Amazing Blue Reptiles

    When I was at the NARBC in Arlington last week I met the owner of Amazing Blue Reptiles. He had a very nice set up and seemed quite knowledgable. He told me he has been breeding chameleons for over 10 years. I was wondering if anybody has bought a chameleon from him.
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    The National American Reptile Breeders Conferance and Trade show will Feb 17th and 18th in Arlington Tx. I will be attending since it is only 25 minutes away. Bob Clark will be there Amazing Blue Reptiles, Blue venture tours with Bill Love. He does the tours in Madagascar showing chameleons in...
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    female panther digging but no eggs

    Today my female ambilobe dug a tunnell in her container in her cage . She came all the way out but nothing was in there. My experiance is only with veileds. Do the panthers practice before they lay their eggs. Thanks any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    this months photo winner

    I did not vote for that picture, but I will have to say that is the cutest picture I have ever seen. I am partial to baby veileds because I have veileds. Good job
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    new member

    Hi, My name is Sandy England. I have veileds and panthers and Jacksons I just joined the forums yesterday. I purchased my veiled parents 2 years ago and now I have their offspring. I hope to breed my panthers soon they were purchased as babies and they are now a year old. We also have snakes...
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    sunburst veiled juveniles

    I have 3 and 4 month olds available.The parents came from Kammerflage Kreations.The males are showing excellant colors already.They are eating 1/4 in and 1/2 inch dusted crickets.My crickets are gut loaded and the babies get a lot of uva/uvb light 12 hours a day. Unrelated pairs $100 shipped...
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