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  1. Shanar808

    Any first hand experience with a plant related death???

    I ask this to further my research into toxic plants for chameleons. The information on many lists have toxic issues with cats and dogs. Though it seems as if chameleons do not have the same reactions to those toxins. I’m curious if anyone has had a first hand experience with a chameleon getting...
  2. Shanar808

    Not bioactive yet, but heavily planted

    I was inspired by and SerpaDesigns YouTube channel to create a zen garden oasis for my Jackson’s enclosure. Since she doesn’t nibble on plants I have creative freedom on my selection of plants and decor and I wanted to share the outcome with you all. 🥰
  3. Shanar808

    Fog drinking: Is it enough?

    Hello all, I have a question and I know there will be various opinions on this but I’d love to hear everyone’s view on the fog drinking. My chameleon has good urates and pretty much hates the mistings and the dripper (except for a few times she was shedding she walked under the dripper to...
  4. Shanar808

    She HATES the renovation 😞

    I did a little rearranging in my chameleons enclosure because my pothos was on the bottom and growing a lot so I raised it closer to the top and it looks great, but she doesn’t like it at all. She usually walks everywhere but now it’s like I put an alien in there! 🥺 I had to move her to the...
  5. Shanar808


    Can someone tell me what this looks like? Cuz I don’t leave feeders in her enclosure, no recent falls, no way for her to get close enough to the heat bulb for a burn. I know it’s small but I’m worried about my little girl 😩
  6. Shanar808

    Colors they HATE

    I was wondering if anyone had noticed if their chameleon had a certain dislike for a color? I’m making a tree for my Jackson and I worry she will hate it if I use a bright color for the foliage.
  7. Shanar808

    Big POOP

    Take a look at this load? 😳 It’s like she holds it until I put her in her play area! She pooped in her enclosure maybe 3 or 4 times in the last 5 weeks but goes regularly when she’s out of her “room” lol
  8. Shanar808

    Feeding question

    I have a question and I know there are going to be various opinions on this subject but I just would like to hear your thoughts.. So as we are striving to provide the best care for our chameleons and getting as close to their best natural environment and climate as possible, I am curious as to...
  9. Shanar808

    What the Phosphorus?!

    I just noticed that my calcium without d3 (ingredients: calcium) doesn’t say if it’s without phosphorus. How can I tell? Does anyone else use this particular calcium supplement?
  10. Shanar808

    UVB upgrade

    Hi everyone, I just upgraded to the reptisun t5 10.0 (next to a 6500k in a dual fixture about 8-10 inches above basking thru mesh) from the tropical Zilla 25 and I’m wondering if it’s good or bad that my chameleon has been basking for hours. It might be due to her finishing up this shed but I’m...
  11. Shanar808

    New member enclosure

    Hi everybody, I’m kinda new to this forum but I’ve been reading these forums for a little while and love all the great info and options shared here. I am almost done with my chameleons enclosure and was hoping for you guys’ opinions/ approval/ editing suggestions. I’ve had Alexa for a month and...
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