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    Tanzanian Cham

    Here's a picture of a wild cham in Tanzania. Anyone know the species? Alex
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    Eye problem

    This morning I woke up to find my cham with a piece of skin attached to his eye. This looked to me like an infection or something, and knowing eyes can be lost in no time if the infection gets into the eye I called the vet immediately. Before I could even take a photo of the eye I was told by...
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    Does anyone have problems feeding superworms to their chams? My almost 7 month old Panther does't really like them, unless he's pretty hungry. Crickets and grasshoppers he can't get enough. I try to supply a varied diet, mostly doing lots of field net sweeping and keeping crickets and...
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    Newbie's advise

    I have recently received my first cham and have gone through lots of questions, many of which I have to deal on my own as there are not too many cham owners that I know of in Mexico City. Since my cham is still alive and growing, I suppose I have been doing things the right way so I would...
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